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  1. Today is a truly sad day indeed (for me at least); After about a year of running strong my m17 r4 w/ 980m has started to crash under any sort of decent gpu load. By crash I mean the screen goes black; all the LED's are lit black though, the screen is not off). I have to force shutdown and it'll restart fine until I try to play any sort of game. I thought maybe it was overheating (turns out it was at first) so I went out and got some gc-gelid extreme paste which did significantly reduce temps, yet the problem persisted which makes me think the damage has already been done. I've tried all sorts of drivers (DDU'ing every time), but nothing has worked. Any last ditch effort suggestions are open because I'm about to scrap this laptop and go build a desktop. Otherwise this is more of a farewell and a special thanks to @J95 and @Prema for keeping my beloved m17 r4 relevant even though it is god knows how old... Good Luck all, -Billy Edit: Another thing I was noticing was that GPU-Z listed my performance cap to be Pwr which I've not noticed before, but that could just be me. Figured I'd include it...
  2. Here's the monitor: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KJGY3TO?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00 It ran in 4k on my 680m, so I know that it is hardwired to work that way, switching the card should not affect that. I contacted nvidia and they had me screenshot the physx page of the control panel, which essentially shows both the laptop display and monitor to be hooked up to the igp. Yet on my 680m the monitor was shown to be hooked up to the 680m. I wish I could provide screenshots but I'm currently away from my alienware and will be for a few weeks, so won't be able to test any solutions. Was just wondering if anyone else experienced any problems. Would flashing Prema's vbois possibly help?
  3. (Win 7, so no signing) I've tried these drivers before, but to no avail. Unfortunately I am away from my Alienware and will be so for a couple weeks. I'm assuming you're not telling me to clean the integrated graphics, correct? (Win 7-> no uefi-> no PEG)
  4. Anyone else run into the (most likely optimus related) problem where after upgrading your gpu, the integrated graphics card becomes the default display adapter for external displays? My 680M couldn't handle 4k gaming, and my new 980M won't even display in 4k. The integrated chip's max display output resolution is some form of 2k...
  5. It failed to install because 880M is not technically supported by the R4. Have a read: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/4906-alienware-aftermarket-upgrades-driver-support-modded-inf/#comment-76373 Should help you install.
  6. Well I do have the 60Hz display & Optimus. But I also have a 980m in my R4 already ... Only trouble I'm having is my inability to use an external display (4k) because the intel card can't output in 4k yet Optimus still sees in appropriate to let the intel card do the work. I'm also going to be away from my alienware for a while so I can't make any changes. :/ Oh well, thank you guys anyway
  7. Hey guys, I've read a lot of conflicting posts about replacing GPU's. If I have a m17 r4 Win 7 w/ 60hz display and an unlocked A10 bios, what do I need in order to replace my current 680m to a 980m? Do I need more than to set to PEG mode? I'm sorry I'm not well versed in this stuff.
  8. Hey guys, So I was looking into upgrading my R4's 680m to a 980m. I've followed svl7's guide to unlocking bios (thanks svl if you're reading this ) and am currently running A10 unlocked on Win 7. I've read a lot of posts about upgrades that all describe bits and pieces of the process but would like to know a more in depth solution. From my understanding I first have to run DDU. once I have the card installed I have to disable the integrated sound and graphics, enable discrete graphics, and boot in UEFI. My questions are as follows: 1) Am I a total s***head & said something that was incorrect/unnecessary? 2) If not, are these in the right order? (If no, what would the order be?) 3) Am I missing steps? I know the amount of information I posted is minimal, but I am unsure what information is necessary. Thanks in advance, -Billy
  9. Can't wait to be able to download this.. These look great good work !!
  10. I can personally vouch that the Killer Cards do have high capacity (when they work) my current one drops connection here and there and is fixed usually only by reboot, which can be a little inconvenient. I haven't much experience with any recent Intel cards but from what I've read their drivers tend to be a little more stable
  11. Sorry to say, but upgrading most laptops just is not feasible, especially macs, they just don't like you touching it, so they don't let you.
  12. Sigh, and to think I was about 2 clicks away from buying windows 10... I'm sure it'd eventually work out okay, but who wants the hassle right? I love reading all these guides that read: "If you have Win 7 do: this, Win 8.xxx do: this, Win 10: O sry."
  13. My advice to you would be to contact the company of whatever converter you are buying, but I would hesitate to say that converters are a good option, as a lot of times they result in serious loss of information. Hope this works out for you though. Also, are you really set on 144hz? If not 120hz is always an option...
  14. As a complete hardware geek I think I'll look into building one of these and selling it off to someone once I get it to work. Honestly technology's recent advancements have well benefited todays gamers. Great guide though, some real interesting stuff been posted here.
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