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  1. Question: You said, you upgraded to K5100M. - Did you install the card yourself? - Which card was in before? - I own a K4000M in Precision M6700, would this upgrade be an option for me as well?
  2. are you using Quadro drivers or GeForce drivers for the K5100M?
  3. Using a DELL Precision M6700 with a Quadro K4000M GPU, I am wondering about: 1. ... does a GeForce driver increase gaming performance? 2. ... how can I make the GeForce driver install on a Quadro? 3. ... are there any GAMING-mod-drivers available for Quadro M? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks hharcore, will give it a try whenever I have been promoted.... BTW what is a "high quality" post....?
  5. Dear all, when searching for keyword "DELL" and "K4000M" on this page, you will find a vBIOS pack, including: Dell K4000m -'OC edition'.zip ... I am wondering now about: (1) When can I download this file? I suppose after you believe me, that I am no bot or troll, right? (2) If I succeeded to not being a bot or troll, HOW do I flash the vBIOS? Which tools do you recommend? (3) I expect the overvlocking limit (135MHz) of the card under nvidia inspector being gone... (x) Can you recommend any other way for me to break the +135Mhz barrier? Thanks in advance!
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