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  1. Hi all Just a lurker and I might add some stuff or direction if helpful!!!
  2. I have around 500 games, but 2/3 of them are count games and probably i only player 1/10 of those games.... I think i finished only 10 games hehe
  3. michael205

    Clevo P670RS-G Audio output Issue

    Hi, i have issue with my Clevo P670RS-G, headphone port doesn't recognize pluged cabel. I tried to change drivers... like 20 different , generic drivers and even ubuntu. All is the same. I did update my bios and im not shure if that is the case of the problem. Does anyone have/had the sam poblem ?
  4. After updating bios one of my analog inputs isn't working as it should. p670RS G Anyone had the same problem and maybe fix ?
  5. michael205

    MSI GX70 CPU Overclocking - Possible?

    Hi. I locked my CPU on 3.2 and now i have problems with laptop. It hangs. I did fresh windows install but it didn't help i can't change CPU back to it's original state. It still shows 3.2 in overdrive.... can someone tell me what's going on ?
  6. michael205

    AMD Catalyst™ 14.3 Beta V1.0

    i have 14.3 and it realy is trash, When do they plan to implement Mantle for PowerXpress and Enduro ?

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