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  1. Ok. Cool. See in the NvidiaInspector pic, for GPU 1, you should see the Bios ends in 33, you know that it's still un-modded. First thing is make a backup of your current bios: Get that FPT Windows x64 version you downloaded from this site. Un-zip it somewhere you can find it. It helps to create a new folder for it. Open a Command Prompt as an Administrator. [Right click the Win-key, click "Command Prompt (admin)"]. Change the directory to where you unzipped the fptw63.exe files. (If you don't know how to do this, this may be too advanced for you.) Within the directory you unzipped those files, run the following: fptw64.exe -d bkupbios.bin -bios You should NOW see a new files called bkupbios.bin in that directory. Next make that USB Bootdisk. (I had problems with making a USB bootdisk with the HP tool they recommended too. Mine was also blank.) Get Rufus: http://rufus.akeo.ie/ Use that to make a Freedos USB Boot drive. It should have files on it. Then follow the original directions, and report. Hopefully the rest of the steps work.
  2. There are a LOT of steps, and different tools being used. If you'd like some help, then you've got to try things step by step. You'll need GPU-Z or NvidiaInspector to see your current settings (and bios, etc). Screen shots of the errors, etcs. It's not easy, but it isn't that hard either. I had trouble at first, but figured it out by doing things SLOWLY. I'd say a GPU-Z or InvidiaInspector screenshot of your current state to start. And info on your current OS and hardware.
  3. Super strange, because I tried this a bunch of times. Then the last time, I killed any running apps except the Command Prompt, ran the commands, and immediately REBOOTED. This time it worked! So, yep. All the instructions in the original y400/y500 thread still work, even in Windows 10 Pro (x64).
  4. Oh man. UPDATE! So, I was able to update the bios on the Ultrabay 650m. I used the latest NVflash64 for Windows I could find (v.5.265_win) that I could find. Remembered to UNLOCK the EPROM (nvflash64 -r). Then Followed the instructions. I think the different thing I did this time was REBOOT IMMEDIATELY, before doing any futzing around. I may have forgotten to say that this was all on Windows 10 Pro (64bit). I'm pretty happy about this. Totally extending the life of my Y500 from 2013/14??? I can't even remember. Next up will be to install a mSATA SSD drive as a new boot drive with a FRESH install of Windows 10, and not have to worry about losing all my stuff (meaning game installs) on the slow stock HDD.
  5. It's bloatware, and unnecessary. I deleted everything Lenovo, except for Energy Management, and it runs fine.
  6. I tried this with the Windows version of NVFlash and it didn't take it. Acts like it flashes (no errors). And when I try it again, it even says I'm flashing 33 over 33. But when I check it with NvidiaInspector, it still reads 3A.
  7. Hey Guys, I can confirm that these instructions are still good. And those files are all still there. I did this today. I've now given my y500 a little more life. I bought some generic Intel AC-7260 in Nov 2015 off Ebay, and was really bummed it wouldn't take. I didn't have time to futz with it until now. Joined the club, took my time, and then followed the instructions. Wish there were some guides for the unlocked BIOS. pic: What I wasn't able to do though is install the OC vBios to the 2nd 650m GPU. Not sure what to do about it. Tried unlocking the EPROM, and when I tried both DOS and Win versions of NVFLASH, it acts like it's flashing, it even warns me when I try again that the vBios is *.33 and not *.3A, but NvidiaInspector still says it's 3A, and it's definitely locked. pic: Good luck you guys!
  8. Hey All, I'm Dak from Los Angeles. Old-school gamer, built my own Gaming PCs before Pentiums were a thing, but the last desktop I built had only a Thunderbird 1.2Ghz processor, and I can't remember what the video card was. But I rocked dual Voodoo2's back in the day... Currently trying to get some life out of my Ideapad y500 with 650M/SLI. Thinking about bumping up the RAM from 12 to 16, and installing a 256GB mSATA drive for the OS. What I really need, though, is to update the WLAN card to something with 5Ghz. Found this site looking to hack the BIOS.
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