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  1. You're welcome. Eurocom are selling a 780w psu. Perhaps that would be useful to you.
  2. No. There are slight board changes (An added resistor) and a new hardware ID. Cross flashing will brick the GPU.
  3. The GPU is wired directly do the video outputs but not to the internal screen. If it is working properly while connected to an external monitor it could be an issue with Optimus. Use DDU to remove Nvidia drivers and Intel drivers. Reinstall Intel drivers first and then Nvidia drivers. This may solve your problem.
  4. I had a GT70 2PC with GTX 870M. In demanding games I could see it rise to 86C. With 880M 90+ seems easily breached. Perhaps the 1 fan for 2 component cooling just isn't enough. Though do go ahead and repaste. I recommend IC Diamond 24.
  5. Yes it is normal for a modified vBIOS not to be read properly in a tweaker utility. Another odd issue I see is that the card your only running on PCI-E 2.0
  6. GPU-Z forces the card to become active. To save the current vBIOS click the button just to the right of the vBIOS version in GPU-Z. You're most welcome.
  7. I tracked down a stock ZM vBIOS already ZM vBIOS Version Yours: I dare say I have made no mistake on it being a DM card. However you can still wait for Prema
  8. You are 100% right on this. ZM and DM 980M's have the same ID. I opened your BIOS with Maxwell BIOS Tweaker and read the date of your vBIOS which puts it in line with being a DM generation card. Confirmation from @Prema is always a good thing. Maybe he will come on this thread again and put your worries to rest seeing as I don't know the exact stock vBIOS versions these cards came with. (If only I had copies of all the stock ones)
  9. DM were released with the 980M with the ID 10DE 1617 which you have. That is the only vBIOS you can flash. Any others WILL brick the card. You either flash with that one or you leave it stock. Prema has safeguarded the modme.bat to NOT flash if the GPU ID is mismatched as you've already seen. If that safeguard was not there, your GPU would NOT be displaying anything right now as you attempted to flash with an incorrect vBIOS initially. Edit: It wont actually brick the card if you flash with an incorrect vBIOS, you can still do a blind flash to restore the card, or restore it in a SLI unit like the P870DM or P37xSM for example.
  10. Hey, You appear to be flashing with the wrong vBIOS. Although your system will not support Gsync, the Gsync capable GPU's still require their own unique vBIOS. The one you need is the 980M 8GB (DM).
  11. I did not have the same problem because by the time I got around to flashing my vBIOS Prema had already released v2 which fixed the issue with the newer drivers conflicting. Though many others experienced the same issue you are experiencing and had to flash the newer vBIOS. I'm sure if you do some digging on the forums you can surely find threads about it.
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