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  1. Hi ! My old P170EM got a functionnal 980M since a while and I'm looking to overclock it. The driver restricts me to +135Mhz (GPU core), no heat, no artefact, just 10-15% more perf. Unfortunately the Nvidia driver crashes sometime depending the game tested (1h with Doom, 5mins with Dying Light). Second loss, Prema removed all his work so I'm looking for another unlocked firmware BTW, i've tried this one: Which cause me a signature error with the latest nvflash: A If you have any time to help, I'd be happy ! Thanks a lot
    Correct firmware GM204 Board but... not flashable due to nvidia restrictions
  2. Syb

    T version ? What is it ?

    Hi, I'm looking to know what is the "T version" Bios for the P170EM, what's the differences with the "normal" version ? I haven't found anything in the search engine Thanks !
  3. Syb

    [BIOS/vBIOS - MODS] Prema Mod™ & Stock

    I'm looking for the last version of the BIOS for the P170EM from clevo, could you guide me to find where it is located ? Also I don't know what the difference with the T version :'( Thanks !
  4. Syb

    NVIDIA driver update issue - 980M | P170EM

    For Nvidia users: After 368.81, I got 10-20 less fps. Be careful. (Windows 7x64)
  5. Syb

    NVIDIA driver update issue - 980M | P170EM

    Case of Win10 only compatible card: http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=377158 Add your DEV device on the Win7 entry :)
  6. Syb

    [BIOS/vBIOS - MODS] Prema Mod™ & Stock

    Hello, about P170EM, what's the "T" version ? I'd like to update mine
  7. Syb

    NVIDIA driver update issue - 980M | P170EM

    After many test on a P170EM I had to use "Section 040". Let's hope it helps someone
  8. Syb

    NVIDIA driver update issue - 980M | P170EM

    Thanks @CaerCadarn but it's still not working I'm on Win7 x64 and driver enforcement isn't activated. Last time I got this, it was a "just" a section number issue
  9. Syb

    NVIDIA driver update issue - 980M | P170EM

    Nobody ? :'( How guys did you updated your Nvidia driver ?
  10. Syb

    NVIDIA driver update issue - 980M | P170EM

    The only guide I have is this http://null-bin.blogspot.fr/2015/08/how-to-modify-nvidia-notebook-driver.html but it doesn't solve the Section problem
  11. Hi all, I'm looking to update my Nvidia Drivers, unfortunately the setup doesn't detect my card. I've tweaked my INF but don't know which Section number I should select to make the installed "see" my card. Driver version: 375.27 VEN_10DE&DEV_1617 Subsys 71021558. INF line added: %NVIDIA_DEV.1617.7102.1558% = Section041, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1617&SUBSYS_71021558 Which "section number" should I choose ? On the full name driver (installed), I can see: oem18.inf:Nvidia_DeviceNTamd64.6.1:Section097:21:21:21:13:7254:pci\ven10de&dev_1617&subsys_71021558 Even if tweak nvcvi.inf to use the Section097, it still not recognized. Could you kindly help me ? Thanks !
  12. Syb

    Problems With Drivers After Windows Update

    Hi ! When I performed the same upgrade on P170EM (980M), the vendor tells me that the card wasn't Win10 compatible. But on you side, you may try to create an INF mod like: http://null-bin.blogspot.fr/2015/08/how-to-modify-nvidia-notebook-driver.html
  13. Syb

    Prema Bios v2 - P170EM - Hyperthreading

    @tyraek on another desktop machine, disabling the HT (4 => 2 cores), got me an higher CPU limit (core i5) @sirana thank you very much, infortunately the option is not present for disabling , maybe on my laptop CPU the mecanism is different (i7 3740qm)
  14. Syb

    Solved | Vulkan not recognized ?

    Maybe Vulkan optimize the power which results of less I/O gpu/CPU for the same rendering. Less, cycles, less heat. Less heat, less fan speed.

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