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  1. Can someone answer this question?! If the laptop is a gsync laptop and I replace the gsync video card with a non gsync card, would that cause the screen to have no image? Does the monitor have a Gsync chip in it that requires a gsync card to even display and image on the internal monitor? Since I replaced the gtx 970m gsync with a gtx 980m non gsync, would this be causing the issue?
  2. I put the G-sync GTX 970m back in the laptop and it works just fine and the screen is visible. Would there be something the lcd panel itself that hs to have a Gsync card installed for it to display anything?
  3. I think my problem would be that the gtx 980m I am trying to use does NOT have G-sync and the GTX 970m I took out does. Would you have to use a GTX 980m with G-sync if the card in the laptop had G-sync on it?
  4. Is it related to gsync, why the screen wont display anything? Is it that the non gsync card wont work when the screen has gsync enabled
  5. I don't think think the alienware m18 GTX 980m has a G-sync enabled bios. I think this would be why the screen is blank while still outputting to a TV or monitor through the HDMI port. Can a G-sync bios be flashed onto a a gtx 980m that was not originally for G-sync?
  6. I have the same issue happening with an alienware GTX 980m I upgraded my GT72 with.....
  7. It does have G-sync. Is there a specific bios that it has to have because of G-sync? I put the 970m and the 980m in a 2 year old sager that had an 870 m and boards work perfect on that laptop. I am leaning towards the card bios or the motherboard bios.... Is there an msi G-sync gtx 980m bios I can flash on the card?
  8. Hello Everybody, I have a GT72 6QD that came with a GTX 970M and I swapped in an alienware M18 GTX 980m 8GB, but nothing comes up on the laptop screen. It does display video through the HDMI port to a tv or monitor. I updated the nvidia driver and now nothing comes up through HDMI or the laptop screen. I can tell it's booting since the caps lock keys and other F keys work, I just have nothing on the screen. Would this be related to the Alienware GTX 980 Vbios?
  9. So, only the clevo 7970m with the HM bios will work at full speeds on the GX740? I only flashed the vbios at the suggestion of others with the clevo bios. I already flashed it back to stock. I will try that bios you made, but I may just sell the card and get the clevo ones if that is what I need to do.... Thanks!
  10. I tried flashing the video card to the clevo 7970m hm bios and the non endure modded bios and it just blue screens getting into windows or gets the error 43 can't start device error. Does anyone have the dell 7970m working correctly in a gx740? Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone, I got my sisters gx740 laptop upgraded to a Dell 7970m, but now the clocks are 300/300 and 450/300 when running games and benchmarks. Do I have to flash a custom bios to fix this, like a clevo one? HDMI and everything is working, so the card is fully functional besides the clocks..... Any help would be great! Thanks!
  12. Soooo, my bios looks to have been bricked. Ordered a new bios chip and I would like to know where it is located on the MS-1727 motherboard.....
  13. Where you talking to me about this? My gpu was totally fine before I flashed, so I doubt it would crap out. I left the laptop unplugged, no battery, cmos battery out overnight and still a no go. The HDD light flashes for a sec every once in a while and I tried doing the force flash with AMIBOOT and I could not get it to work.......
  14. Helppp!! I flashed my gx740 with the modded bios. It said everything was done and went back to the blinking c prompt. I restarted the laptop and now it doesn't do anything and I have to hold the power button to shut it off. Is the motherboard bricked? I didn't do anything incorrectly and flash things all the time.....
  15. I put a 920xm in my gx740 today and it works great and is a bit better in some games than the 720qm before. Although I got it for $100, so it wasn't so bad.....
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