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  1. 3RYL

    Gaming Laptop build with GTX750ti-LP (Non-eGPU)

    Nice work That's thick. Looks like one of these old portable servers from Eurocom heheh
  2. Nice work That's thick. Looks like one of these old portable servers from Eurocom heheh
  3. I just use toilet paper lol with Isopropyl alcohol. It usually can be found in electronics, repair or component stores. Also easy to buy from the internet.
  4. If they suits your needs it can be a nice option. But not all of them have expresscard. Necessary parts to add the port are listed on the first post. There is plenty of good models being sold used such as M4800/M4700 or Zbook 15 if you want more power. Most of the egpu users are on egpu-io right now.
  5. 3RYL

    Upgrading from a 2500K

    Did you realize you just replied to a 2 year old post? heheh Ryzen seems to be a good option BTW
  6. Hello. Did anyone here sucessfully overclock the RAM with this laptop?
  7. If that's while playing csgo your egpu is not being used. Did you check if there is any AMD graphics switching option that's selecting the integrated graphics for the game? I have no other Idea for that right now...
  8. Are you using your eGPU in Gen1 or 2? Whats your average fps in csgo? From what I read, Nvidia cards have some more performance in dx 11. but I wouldn't think the difference is that much... can you check gpu load while running it?
  9. 3RYL

    What am I missing?

    Hello Are you using the eGPU it on an external monitor? As you dont have an iGPU, it will be easier to get it working with one. And which graphics card are you trying to get working?
  10. The higher end Clevos still have replaceable cpus as they use the desktop ones. But are rather expensive. Well, What do you think about them?
  11. 3RYL

    BPlus PE4C V3/V2 discussion

    Does anyone here noticed when Bplus suddenly raised the pricing for their eGPU adapters?
  12. Lol, Easy fix. I was really curious to see if those adapters would work properly. Nice work in there!
  13. 3RYL

    eGPU cases

    I saw some videos about it but just a guy said that normal ATX wont fit. I could not see it's interior very well in the reviews, but it doesn't seem that it would fit, as the case is only 1mm thicker than an ATX PSU. The side panels and bended metal to support the parts would have to be thicker than that. I will make mine with black acrylic
  14. 3RYL

    BPlus PE4C V3/V2 discussion

    If it's not working even at gen1 then you should certainly send it back. It may be useful to test your PE4C on a different computer to be sure it's indeed the adapter. I knew my system was able to correctly work with an eGPU because I firstly bought an EXP GDC that ran properly at Gen1 and crashed under heavy load on Gen2 but presented a performance gain. About the price to replace it, I had to pay the shipping back to china but BPlus was kind enough to ship the replacement for free, don't know if it's always like this... The package was declared as $1 so I did not have to pay import taxes again, but then I think you may need to ask them to do this.
  15. 3RYL

    BPlus PE4C V3/V2 discussion

    I'm using Expresscard for my setup. Which extender do you have in mind? It has be something with good build quality to deliver the signal. If you want Gen2 working correctly, less cabling/interference is always better.
  16. 3RYL

    BPlus PE4C V3/V2 discussion

    Yes. I had to return it for them to test it. Strangely it worked on Gen1 and did not crash at Gen2, just had terrible performance.
  17. 3RYL

    BPlus PE4C V3/V2 discussion

    I don't know what's happening to others. But I had performance issues on gen2 with my first PE4C 3.0, so I made an RMA and replaced it with a working one. Probably some manufacturing issue with the cable or soldering...
  18. 3RYL

    BPlus PE4C V3/V2 discussion

    The PE4C 3.0/4.1 are the best that I know about. The PE4L 2.1 must be the same but has a smaller conector and pcb. If any of those shows Gen2 instability then you should RMA and replace them.
  19. 3RYL

    eGPU cases

    Not really, you may just clean your card frequently. But I think it's good to have one to protect the card and organize the parts. I did not use my egpu very much yet as I didn't like having the unprotected gpu, psu and cables on my desk and moving it all around when I need to. I'm currently working on a case and when finished I will start using the egpu more frequently.
  20. 3RYL

    PE4C v3.0 running at PCIE 1.1

    That happened to my Vostro. It's BIOS would only run at Gen1 by default, with no link speed options. So I used Setup 1.3 to reach Gen2.
  21. 3RYL

    Lucidlogix Virtu : internal LCD mode for AMD eGPUs

    Has anyone tried those new "XConnect" drivers from AMD? Are they a solution equivalent to Optimus or am I confusing things up?
  22. 3RYL

    X220t - eGPU - Need Help

    Would you have a way to test the GPU to check if it's working correctly? Or find a way to test the adapter on another computer?
  23. Nice. thank you. I see you are using a Macbook now. For you, how much better was thunderbolt 2 compared to EC? With TB3 coming out would you say it's better just to upgrade to it or TB2 is enough for near-full performance?
  24. 3RYL

    BPlus PE4C V3/V2 discussion

    Hi, Nice to know about your success with your eGPU! I have switched to a PE4C 3.0 because my EXP GDC was crashing under heavy load on Gen2. Running my 960 on gen1 generally resulted in lower fps than on gen2, unless on very light load (On internal display, Project Reality gave me over 42 fps on gen1 vs 58-60 on gen2. Anyways the eGPU was always faster than dGPU. There are also some benchmarks I posted some weeks ago in this topic if you want to take a look). But if you are ok with gen1 speed, I don't think there is anything to bother with.

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