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  1. Ok so up to the 419 drivers everything was working fine. Since the 425 and 430s released I cant manage to install the drivers properly without it limiting my clocks. I am basically forced to roll back every time. Anyone know what is happening and if there is a possible fix for this? I cant get over 900mhz, im on w7 x64.
  2. anyone figured how to get freestyle/ansel working on 390 drivers?
  3. http://www.eurocom.com/ec/upgrade(2,276,0)CLEVO_P170EM_SAGER_NP9170 Sorry if this was posted before but I couldn't find it anywhere. Is there any information on this? I might be getting ahead of myself but a 3 generation mxm upgrade its better then I ever hoped for on this laptop xD Also where have Prema mods gone and is there a new Bios upgrade needed?
  4. I just updated my drivers and yes is the clevo ones, you can trust. It works for p170em should work for p150em. If it doesnt you need to find the hardware device id and post it here and maybe J can include it for your laptop in the next inf's. Mine didn't work either until I posted my IDs.
  5. nvci.inf from the clevo version of the download should work. but someone correct me if Im wrong.
  6. Latest driver 378.78, same thing for GTX 970m, installs with this infs runs dx11 no dx12 or vulkan. Suposedly laptopvideo2go inf mods work with clevo optimus + 980m or at least i dont see any complaints from those users, but not for gtx 970m which installs but optimus never kicks in. With this ones performance seems equivalent or slightly better then previous on dx11. This doesn't sound promising tbh, there is little point in installing drivers which optimize dx12 if u cant actually run dx12 There are at least a couple more users in same situation as me in Clevo subforum so it is definitly not an isolated issue. Also It really seems like not a driver compatibility problem because J95 infs do work to some extent which means something for sure can be done to fix this at inf level. So far I have heard from no other gtx 970m users who actually managed to install new drivers in this kind of setup, so im presuming they are just sticking to old versions. If anyone has any idea on how to get this working please share.... Anything goes at this point. SOLVED(for current driver) clevo p170em+gtx970em: Ok so after weeks looking in foruns and crap i managed to find a combo that worked.... Here is how i got it working 5m ago: I only needed to mod 2 inf files, nvcvi.inf and nvdispi.inf. I started by the original nvcvi.inf and looked for my device 13d8 which already existed, there was no reference to my latpop/model on the one provided in this forum or anywhere online so far. So I basically added the ids (7102 for my p170em) on top of the code for another clevo laptop wich connects to section063. I'm not sure if I changed anything else, but in the section I did import the code for that part from J95's inf. As far as I remember thats all the mods i did. Saved and decided to use the nvdispi that so far got me optimus support as base(j95s), no changes. Tbh I had little hopes of this working since I have used guides in past to mod infs and they all failed miserably. Somehow this time not only installed perfectly(no need to delete folders or whatever) it also enabled dx12 and vulkan support with optimus something I havent experience ever since I upgraded this laptop. I will upload the working inf files for whoever needs. Not sure they'd work for future drivers though. meanwhile... ALELUIA! p170em_gtx_970m_378.78.zip
  7. Any news on this issue, Im on p170em and I still suffer from this. Edit: Solved at least for now.
  8. 150em should be same as 170em, on mine I can only use nvdispi.inf mod from laptopvideo2go until driver version 368.81 being the 368.69 the best performance driver under this conditions. Latest driver 378.72 seems to be equally good but same as you I could not activate the 970m with only tha modded inf. I had to use the modded infs from J95 in this thread: 368.69 dx11 + dx12 working (dx12 < dx11 though) , vulkan fails 378.72 dx11 working, dx12/vulkan fail Any driver between 368.81 and 378.66 have garbage performance and I strongly advise against using unless in very specific game or scenario. If anyone has better ways to set this up on a p15/70em+970m that keep performance up and enable all APIs please share because I've yet to see. Edit: Solved
  9. @J95 W10 64 and running right now on preview build,but the released one was having same problem so non related. Well basic drivers wise, like i posted in another thread, i manage to figure it out. I was not using your inf mod because i didnt have access yet. But i presumed the ones going around on another website were modded in the same fashion. Nope, right non the clevo non optimus version is working great on my clevo with optimus. Only problem i havent managed to fix is vulkan. But at least now the games do recognize vulkan installed bcause they start but in a grey window or "transparent" as in i can see desktop but i have the game overlayed in fullscreen without being able to click desktop. Thank you for the mods, hope nvidia supports us better and the dx12 game ready driver is compatible with 900series xD edit: Decided to test dx12 for fun, latest driver versions dont work either. Dunno if there is any way to get it to work on my setup. so many problems and conditions seems almost like im running sli or something.
  10. Thanks, meanwhile I think i figured out what was wrong, I have been using modded infs from laptopvideo2go. The ones from J95 always said clevo non optimus and mine suposedly has optimus so I didnt pay attention. I imagined the infs would be pretty much the same but turns out that for p170em u cannot install drivers above 368.81 with a simple inf mod. U need the 2 inf files that J95 provided. I could only test this yesterday because i didnt have promotion even though I thought I had been in this forum for ages I had posted enough. I am on same driver as you and same bios. On the benchmarks I ran (The division, Batman Arkham knight and 3dmark) 378.66 is maybe 1% better ocasionally but otherwise the same. That means there is no point in hanging back and staying on 368.69 anymore. (this youtuber pato9 makes driver comparisons and has been sugesting .69 for ages for performance) That said the newest drivers have the same performance and added optimizations on many games since .69 it is. Btw I dont think all intel drivers are as compatible, Im on windows 10 build15025, I let windows install the drivers first and then I paused updates and fresh installed Nvidia drivers. The drivers for intel that windows installed and so far working great are the latest intel drivers didnt let me go past 368.81 but might have been the infs, so ill test it again when my windows updates to a newer build. cba to do more testing now, just happy to have this working and ...on to test vulkan just for fun. Tldr: My best performance setup for clevo p170em + 970m 6gb: Win10 pro, Intel, Nvidia 378.66 (with J95 modded infs, laptopvideo2go ones didnt work when i tested vs latest intel/nvidia drivers). Edit: nope vulkan still fails to launch properly, talos gives me a grey screen and dota2 opens but shows the desktop. Both suposedly start properly and have background sound except no image is displayed.
  11. I have the same setup, could u post the gpuz/drivers versions for both intel and nvidia you are using. Im pretty sure im on v2 but the max drivers i can get working are the 368.68
  12. Uau I see mxm is not dead at all. Any chance in the future a p170em may get an 1060/1070 upgrade bios? Would it even be compatible?
  13. if only they were so fast at optimizing drivers and making them laptop compatible straight away...
  14. Ok guys, Im running an 970m on a clevo p170em(premamod, 3630qm, flashed and the whole stuff). Took me a while to figure how to install drivers for this animal but for some months i had it figured out. One thing though I cant seem to be able to solve is the Vulkan compatibility. I have tested many drivers, with clean installs and ddu, first for fine tuning and checking which were fastest and then for vulkan, For performance I have yet to find better then 368.69, this with my 360/300 OC, im basically running a 980m stock speeds. No complaints, system stable super happy... But for the life of me I cant find a way to run Vulkan on this gpu. I have tried installing multiple vulkan rt's from different driver packages, Googled my ass for days about this and nothing, no solution. Suposedly the driver I am running is the first Vulkan recommended driver by Nvidia. Is it a known issue or anyone managed to have Vulkan working on some drivers in a similar config? Any trick or should I just give up?(its nitpicking anyway, since vulkan offers no gains in this gpu probably) Tried VulkanCapsviewer and it gives error_extension_not_present. Tried other Vulkan test stuff from nvidia and nothing either. Always error or force closed.
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