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  1. https://tech.slashdot.org/story/16/07/31/2146234/all-windows-10-kernel-mode-drivers-must-be-digitally-signed-by-microsoft Could this be related?
  2. Can you think of anything I could do to fix this? I even re-flashed my BIOS and vBIOS to no-avail.
  3. I did it. I don't think it is working. I am switching back to windows 7 and going to try the same thing and see if it works. EDIT: I went back to windows 7. Installed the correct driver and changed the optimus shim setting and it still doesn't work. This is extremely weird since going back to a previous version of Windows (Clean Install) is usually supposed to fix all the problems. Thank you for dedicating your time to help me.
  4. I found the Shim Rendering Mode Options per application for Optimus and it is currently at: "SHIM_RENDERING_OPTIONS_DEFAULT_RENDERING_MODE" 0x00000000. How do I enable it? Thanks
  5. Yes I can. I can even set the games to run on the Nvidia GPU when I run the game it doesn't use the 970M. May I ask what build are you on right now regarding drivers, bios and OS? Have you tried updating to Windows 10 Anniversary edition (IF YOU HAVEN'T, DO NOT). Wow, you have prema mod v3b? Do you have to inf mod to install drivers? What OS are you on? Windows 10 Anniversary?
  6. Just like to post a quick update. I was tweaking around with the computer and when I ran dxdiag in the display tab, it shows that Direct Draw Acceleration, Direct3D, AGP Texture acceleration are all "Not available." Updating Intel Drivers doesn't help. Any help is greatly appreciated! EDIT: Apparently, installing the NVIDIA driver will disable these three options for me. Anyone having the same issue? Thanks
  7. Hi I would like to bump this post as well. I was on windows 10, P150EM 970M with Bios and Vbios mod from Prema. After the Anniversary update my drivers stopped working so I rolled back the update and it still didn't help. I even rolled back to windows 7 and it doesn't work as well. Can you guys suggest me to try something else to get computer to switch to the card? Thanks
  8. I am freaked out right now, please help me. I am using Prema vBIOS 2.0 for my 970m and Prema mod BIOS and the 364.72 drivers and everything are just fine. However, after i install the latest driver, the 372.70 driver, my games stopped switching to my 970m. So I uninstalled the 372.70 driver with DDU and installed the older version, 364.72 but now my games still doesn't switch. I tried updating the latest Intel driver to no avail! Is anyone having problems with the 372.70 driver like me? Is there away to force the card to work on a program or something to make sure that it is a driver/software problem, not my card dying on me? Thank you so much for your help! EDIT 1: I was on Windows 10 Anniversary. Did a clean install of Windows 10 Anniversary, didn't work. Revert back to a clean install of Windows 10, didn't work. Did a clean install of Windows 7, didn't work. (Different drivers for different OS used) Like I am seriously don't know what might even be the issue right now.
  9. Oh. My. God. Prema it worked perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are freaking awesome!!! Keep up the good work! Another donation from me coming your way!!!
  10. Hey Prema. Finally able to get it working. Thank you so much for your help. In fact, I am so grateful that I just decided that I have to donate to you on your blog! (I'm the amser*****@gmail.com email). I hope that you can continue to help the community in the future especially with all the nuisance on latest driver models. Thanks again!
  11. Hi Prema. Thank you for the fast reply. I updated the Intel GPU driver. I rolled back the 970M driver to 359.00. Still didn't work. I forced the 3D profile on the games and still they didn't jump onto the dGPU. Do you have any other ideas that might fix this? EDIT: Rolling back to driver 358.50 works on windows 10. In the next couple of days I'll try to jump back to Windows 7 and go for 359.6 drivers to see if they work.
  12. Hi, am having the same problem. p150em Clevo on windows 10. Intel GPU driver ( None of the programs can switch to the dGPU. I'm running v2 Prema Mod bios and Prema vBIOS on 970M.
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