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  1. Thanks for the tip. Finally I followed another tutorial that works with Windows 10 Creators Update. There are four method to acheive this and only two of them work on Creators Update.
  2. I was thinking this part was handled automatically with DDU but I must admit that I didn't get the last win10 creators ed version of DDU. Do you think reapeating the process with this last DDU will do the trick ?
  3. Thanks dude for the release ! I installed it on my P170EM with GTX970M after DDU. After the last reboot, I managed to play Battlefield 1 or any demanding game without issues. However, after a while, the computer restart automatically and the drivers rolled back to 353.54 This is the second time I tried to install it.... Do you have any clue ?
  4. Last check shown that the driver is loaded (games runs well) but I can't get the nVidia Control Panel to be launched
  5. Here is a screenshot of GPU-Z :
  6. The procedure I've applied : Boot in failsafe mode DDU nVidia/Intel drivers Update VBIOS to v2 (ignoring the alert regarding the difference on the PCI signature) Reboot in signature enforcement disabled mode Installed Intel HD-4000 (last version of the driver) Followed J95 instructions to install 378.66 version of nvidia drivers Reboot Installed CUDA 8 with GEForce Experience (need it for remote play) Please note that I'm on Windows 10 "non-anniversary" version, because I blocked the update. I plan to test the anniversary edition this week-end with 378.66.
  7. Looking further in my problem revealed that I did not applied the v2 update of the VBIOS ROM, I was still on v1.1... This made a huge difference, now I'm on 378.66 which installed very smoothly ! Sorry for the complain and thanks for Prema for his work. Wish the v3 BIOS for P170EM would be public soon anyway
  8. Hi, I have upgraded my P170EM with a 970M a couple of years ago. I used the vBIOS from @Prema and his v2 BIOS. Has shown on many thread, the v3 bios is not public and I have to stick with the v2 so I modded my infs for upgrading my nvidia drivers. Upgrading from win7 to win10 was quite difficult and after many tries and fails, I managed to get a v359.13 version working properly. I modded the inf by myseft experiencing methods grabbed from many sources. I must say that this is not as simple as some says... Every version, the infs to be modded changes and sometimes it works, sometime it don't. I then try to work with @J95, posting my difficulties on his inf mod dedicated thread. All his releases are dedicated to "non-optimus" clevo laptop and thus are not working out of the box with my P170EM. He kindly tried many hacks to make his modded drivers work with the P170EM without success. The only thing that work completly today is the v359.13.... And I had to revert back from the win10 anniversary edition to have at least the discrete GPU to be active. All my tries on drivers differents from 359.13 on non-anniversary edition of win10 would have the dx10/11 not working on discrete GPU or the dx9 not working on discrete GPU. I can't count the hours I spent DDU my drivers, modding, trying, failing, retring.... This is a real hassle. Now I don't even want to try the new driver... But sometime I need to upgrade, especially for the optimisation available for the new games I can buy. That's why I'm asking @Prema whether he could think about releasing the v3 BIOS for P170EM public ? I would also be OK with the option to be able to purchase it for a reasonable price. Thanks in advance for your reply !
  9. @J95 Thanks for your efforts... This time, after DDU and DSE disabled. The install detects my 970M, starts the installation, slightly flash the screen to black for 1/2 seconds and fails. Looking at the device managers shows no more 970M device. Looking for hidden devices reveal the device shown as "removed" (code 45). Rebooting leads to the same result. DDU again and the device shows again.
  10. @J95 sorry, error 43 again (device disabled) with ur last driver
  11. Those are hard core mods ! Really interesting ! Your P150EM would be able to run VR titles then
  12. Same here... with P170EM, @J95 is on it. The only version that works for me so far (did not update my driver for ages) is 359.12 BUT I had to uninstall the last version of Windows 10 Update (1607 - Anniversary Edition).
  13. I uninstall Windows 10 Anniversary Update 1607 and now 359.12 is working again... don't have the energy to try out 372.90 tonight
  14. After upgrading (automatically) my computer to Win10 Anniversary Edition, my GTX970M never get activated, whatever I try, even with the Win 10 embeeded driver for nvidia cards... They just crashed after launch Seems to be an Optimus problem. I'm hoping @Prema will release the version 3 of its BIOS for my P170EM since I seems that I cannot take advantage of my 970M anymore Apart from that, updating is so much a hassle with v2, I'm upgrading my video driver only if I had no choice...
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