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  1. Thanks! I tried them both but I didnt get any extra overclock out of it (still stuck at +440 core , +730 memory) but i did notice something very odd. I used to use HWINFO64 to get the GPU voltage , however now with the new VBIOS you provided, I get blank info for the GPU sensors . No voltage. I cannot tell if it is actually increased or not??????
  2. This one, the K4000M OC one, just with a bit more voltage pushed to it, maybe a +50mv one and a +75mv one ? I'm not too sure about what is acceptable on Quadro cards. Thanks. Dell K4000m -'OC edition'.zip
  3. @Klem Any chance I can get the K4000M vbios with an increased voltage bump? +100 or 150mV? I have a ton of temp overhead and want to squeeze more out of it. Or if you could direct me to a method/tool/tutorial where I could do the modification myself. Thanks a million.
  4. Updated my Dell M6600 from a Quadro 3000M to a K4000M, and flashed the custom bios from svl7. WOW what a huge difference with that overclock limit removed, went from Core: 601MHz stock to 1045MHz stable (+444) Memory: 1400MHz stock to 2150MHz stable (+750) Any chance someone can mod the vbios to include a voltage bump from say 0.962v to 1.05v? My GPU is topping out at 65 Celsius (just repasted) and id love to try to push more out of it (maybe 1100 core?! ) Thanks a ton.
  5. I just purchased an M6600 and it seems like from what people have been swapping you are restricted to GTX 6XX series, K3000/4000/5000/5100 and ATI 6XXX / FirePro 6000/6100/8900
  6. A mix of corsair AF series fans and Antec TwoCool , all 140mm
  7. Hey everyone, just got a Dell M6600 super cheap and looking to use some modified VBIOS files
  8. Just got an M6600 with a K3000M, cant wait to flash the custom vbios and see the sucker fly. thanks for all the hard work
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