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  1. If someone from Hungary need an adapter send me a PM. Willing to sell mine, because I'm not using it.
  2. It's definitely a BIOS issue, but I have no idea what's the cause.
  3. The smaller screen is the external one, it's and old 4:3 monitor I had lying around. I had to disable the igpu because every program kept using it instead of the AMD gpu. The internal screen works even if I disable the igpu, but that just the matter of how ju set up multiple displays. With igpu disabled the internal screen works as a secondary screen. No, with AMD gpu I didn't encounter any problem, it even works for me with 3.05 bios, it was plug and play basically. Only NVIDIA cards aren't working, which has nothing to with the whitelist, and I am sure I removed it because its similar to the wlan/wifi whitelist, and it doesn't boot into windows, with 2.07 it reboots with 30sec intervals and with 3.05 it just hangs.
  4. Well, I come bearing news. So, I finally had the time to run some tests with both AMD and NVIDIA cards. All test were under a clean Win10. 1,) With the Ultrabay whitelist removed i got the same results like with it. On 2.07 i got 30 sec reboots with black screen, on 3.05 hangs on boot with black screen. So far the whitelist is not the problem why NVIDIA cards doesn't work. 2,) For some reason the AMD card works for me on 3.05 slv7 version no problem (see screenshot), but I had to disable both the 750m and the Intel igpu, and I didn't got any 5-10 min black screens either. As you can see on the screenshot all gpu disabled except AMD on 3.05 slv7 bios.
  5. The wifi card only uses x1 pcie lane, I think you are confusing it with the M.2 pcie slot which is x4. Also if pci-e lanes were the problem I think Amd cards wouldn't work either. It depends on the TOLUD, if you can host additional pci-e devices, but since the y510p's tolud is 2.3GB you can host a VGA on the mpci-e plug and play. With Ultrabay adapter you are just plugging in another GPU x8 device, you arent using more or less lanes than before.
  6. I have the igpu enabled version. Yes I deleted it, I got an email from gerald on the weekend, the adapter probably arrives this week, so I can test myself.
  7. Well, I would test myself, but I dont have an adapter yet ( ordered form the second batch, delivery is probably still a month away), thats why I posted it so users can help me testing it the meantime. Like I said I flashed it myself, so I didn't posted something that can brick the laptop. The y500 bios probably can be modifed too, but until I know how to make it work on the y510p I cant really promise anything. I advise not to get your hopes up, while I try to do my best, it could still be impossible for me to make it work with an NV gpu. Flasing a ROM is not without danger, there is always a possibility of bricking the system. The modified bios is just for testing, so you should only use it if you can recover in case of failure.
  8. Hello everyone! So I been working on the ultrabay whitelist removal, and I need some testers who can try it out. The bios flashes without a problem, but without an adapter I'm not able test that it works or not. So I need some volunteers who have an adaper and an NVIDA card. Here is the 2.07 rom with ultrabay whitelist modified: https://mega.nz/#!dp81HA7b!owk4YHjE5_VIlVZu4aWNTDn0xnAfVEs0EbRVXFjbNKs This is for the Gt750m version. This rom doesn't have the wlan whitelist removed, so you should unplug it if you have a non-factory wlan card. If you are on 3.05 or higher do a rollback to 2.07 with the official updater and flash the rom. Make a backup before flashing just in case. If you willing to test, please post here the following: 1. Operation system 2. What GPU you used 3. if you encounter something like reboot, black screen, etc. Thank you!
  9. @xan326, the connector is PLUG ASSY FOR 0.635 BAY CONN. : http://www.te.com/usa-en/product-2199015-1.html#pdp-docs-features And the pinout can be found here on page 32: http://kythuatphancung.vn/uploads/download/40025_Compal_LA-8692P.pdf
  10. Those who could make the adapter work with an AMD card, can you post some benchmarks?
  11. Hi gerald! Will the adaper be available in the future again, because I couldn't buy one the first time around.
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