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  1. I think future is with new amd technology everything on one chip
  2. Any new Anime to recommend somthing like naruto dragonball attack on titan ...
  3. Maybe I'm wrong but series are more appealing to me! Or we should open a new thread about series? p.s I don't know how to do it ( noob )
  4. 100ka

    Favorite MMO?

    I know that it is old but Path of Exile is really good and it came with new expansion!
  5. Great laptop just pay attention on power jack that goes in laptop as it goes hot when gaming if this happening soon power plug inside will need replace, only flaw is that connector! As laptop takes lots of juice through that small power connector... Otherwise great machine good cooling etc...
  6. I would go for Alienware as it has better cooling option! biggest problem on gaming laptops is cooling if you think guarantee will cover it, it will but what after when component PCB becomes yelowish or dead or worse ( kidding dead is worse ) . But just take care of cooling is really important.
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