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  1. i'v just saw a benchmark they all are same don't worry
  2. Clean your laptop from the dust you know CS:GO is FPS game so overheat = problems
  3. I don't think that you can put 2 Mabook Pros in 1 case
  4. Thanks a lot i'm waiting when i have permission to download and test it good job EDIT: The flush utility didn't work so i went to bios to flush it, it said older version can't update something like that? Please help i'm using windows 10.
  5. Hello, i'm registed from long time and i still can't download i have like 10 posts i don't want to spam like all to get it please help me thank you.
  6. I'm The Global Elite, 1500 hours.
  7. eGPU through ultrabay would be nice!
  8. Eminem-Till i collapse Greg Plitt motivation xD Alan Walker - Fade Alan Walker - Force Spektrem - Shine
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