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  1. accidentally flashed gsync 980m vbios, can anyone send me a copy of their vbios chip? or is there a way to blind flash without gsync monitor?
  2. go to device manager and disable your dgpu, after that you are free to use your egpu.
  3. you should try installing an NVidia driver, you probably have the wrong driver installed therefore the video card is not being seen. try downloading a 980m driver, or doing some research on t/I, maybe you might need a modded inf also to go with the driver. and u might need to disable driver signing to get it to install, should work after that.
  4. there is no hardware issue with your graphics card, you can just ignore the warning information of that stress test. that is all
  5. Its really hard to tell what the problem could be, u could have the power supply unit tested, if that is still good, then something in your mother board fried, you could tear the computer apart using a youtube video, just keep a list of things u remove for assembly, and inspect the motherboard visually. or just order a new one for cheap and use the same operating system key. that's probably your best bet to fix this thing.
  6. I have an m18xr2 with an i73610 that came with a 680m, that gpu stopped working so I got 2 980m's for it. right now Im running the 350.12 driver with stock throttling removed, uefi, windows8.1, but it still throttles a little. can anyone tell me what I have to do to get this setup working at peak performance? is there a better cpu than the i74940?
  7. I have an m18xr2 and I tore it apart so many times I could tell u from memory how to do it, just find a complete tear down video on youtube, and watch it step by step, keep pausing and going, one piece of advice, the white tan clip holding the harddrive cable needs to be pulled up by the edges and its really weak and will break if u pull on it too much, so just pry it gently by the sides, u can leave the 2 silver screws under the hard drive out, there is no need to put them back, removing the gpu/cpu heatsinks is not that hard, just take out the 4 screws and gently pry them off, make sure to note the thermal pad locations on the gpu. repasting is easy, just get a tube of ic dimond, put a drop on the gpu and squish it down with the heatsink, for the cpu put a line of thermal paste and apply the heatsink, I would insert a small + screw driver into the heatsink fins to make them look like this I()()()()()I for more air flow. follow the video to take out the motherboard, u can then have the power jack repaired by a pro, probly will be cheaper. the only thing I would recommend to upgrade is the ram get 16gb 1600mhz cl11 or cl9 ram, im running an i7-3610 cpu and run games on max, ur cpu should be fine, dell sold the m18x's with 680m gpu's last, so I would just go with one of those if u want more eye candy. that's all u really need to do to it, u will still be able to play games at decent settings.
  8. iv had toshiba laptop that would blue screen, I did some digging online and found a program called, bluescreen view, I would recommend u download it and run it. after u start the program u will see all of the files from the windows/minidump folder. what u want to do is google the bugcheck code the appears in the bluescreen details, that will give u an idea of what is causing the bluescreen to occur, I found a fix for my laptop, hope this helps
  9. I use ic diamond with arctic silver mixed together to make it more liquidy, but I noticed that ic diamond has chucks in it, so I work it between 2 razor blades then apply it after its mixed, and I spread every other heat sink fin together for more air flow actually I use pure icy diamond now, looks like it burns up if diluted
  10. not sure about the x8, but the m18xr2 can handle 2 330w psu's for heavy overclocking
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