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  1. Hi all, I have a problem that is making me want to tear my hair out. I have a 2 yr old Y500 with dual SLI 650m's. The other day I came home from work , took my laptop out of its bag ( it was on and in the bag for about half an hour, yes I know it had zero ventilation, but I do this frequently) shortly after plugging it in to the charger, I could smell burning electronics, thinking my cpu was fragging itself, I turned of the computer and unpluggeg the ac adapter from the comp. After about 15 minutes it cooled down, so I plugged the computer back in and turned it on. Everything was fine except my battery kept discharging even though it was plugged in, and showing it was charging. Pretty soon the computer battery was dead and the computer shut down. I left the computer off but plugged in for a few hours while the amber light was on, indicating charging. Once the light turned white, I turned on comp to find it had only charged the battery to 35%, and while using the computer, the battery started discharging even though it was still plugged into the charger. So I bought a oem lenovo battery thinking it was the issue. Put battery in, let it charge for a few hours, turned comp on and it still only charged this new battery to 35%, and it still discharges even though it is plugged in. Anyone have any ideas? I dont think it is the actual ac adapter, as the smell was originating from the comp. I dont want to spend a ton trying to fix this comp. TLDR Comp overheated, now batter only charges to 35%, then discharges while still connect to battery. New OEM battery does same thing, Thanks in Advance.
  2. You need to Flash your ultrabay bios with the modified 8.1 firmware found in this thread
  3. I have flashed on both, and had ZERO problems. You are flashing in a DOS environment from boot disk anyway,
  4. Can someone tell me how to edit my unlocked bios so I can get these stock cores to be the same, not 2 mhz off?
  5. I would use RWeverything to view your imbedded win8 serial and write it down for backup. But if you follwed the OP bios procedure, your serial should be fine.
  6. assitch

    Windows 8.1

    I installed a Plextor 128gn mSATA as boot/os and couldnt be happier. I did the 8.1 clean install tutorial from tweakhound. Now I have Window 8.1, MS office 2013 suite, adobe cs6 master Collection, Autoca2013 and a few games on the SSD. The stock HDD is use as a backup drive, as well as torrent storage and my mp3 collection. As well as games that I dont care how fast they load, lol.
  7. That is just the official bios update for Win 8.1. Don't confuse it with the overclockable bios mod we are hoping svl7 can provide.
  8. assitch

    Windows 8.1

    Satenex, you are correct The new Win 8.1 650m Bios on Lenovos site will just get your second card functionality back. We are waiting/hoping sv17 will work his magic and mod this bios for overclocking as well.
  9. Anyone have any tips for cleaning smudges off my screen? A purified water dampend cloth is not cutting it. Thanks
  10. Yes you can. I have my Msata as a os/applications drive. You can leave the hdd bay empty if you want.
  11. assitch

    Y500 WiFi Card

    I think that at the very least, you need an unlocked bios to install any Wifi Card that isnt on the whitelist.
  12. I get 2 errors when I try to flash moded bin in Bios. PDR region does not exist and error 25. Ideas? Fixed problem. In my haste to flash I wasn't typing the -bios at the end of the command line.
  13. I enjoyed the game. But I had originally thought it would be more open/sandboxed like Red Dead Redemption on PS3. Still a great game though.
  14. I liked it a lot. Although I had never really played any "rogue" type games before, so permaDeath was kind of a shock.. Once I finished the game, I download a mod to disable the fleet from chasing you, which allowed me to visit every system/planet.
  15. Wow, that game looks pretty cool. I cant get enough of WWII genre. I really enjoy World Of Tanks as well. Gonna give this one a try.
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