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  1. After changing termal past i have with FurMark max 87c after 20 min of testing in 1920x1080 resolution. It's normal for GTX 880M? i have another Notebook with GTX 970M and max temp is 61c after 20 min of FurMark test.
  2. who to downclock it a little bit and what software to use for fan control.?
  3. heatsink is from GTX 580M, my friend have GTX 680M and max temp on high use is 75c, is a option to make this card to have max 80c?
  4. yes i have 100w heatsink, i repaste it and have max 86c, is normal for this card to have 86c?
  5. video card temperature is 89-90 c , is normal?
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