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  1. Samsung Gamer Series 7 (np700g7c-S02tr) Intel core i7 36030qm 16 gb RAM (4 * 4) 1600 mhz Windows 10 64 bit Samsung 850 pro SSD (1 TB) + 500 gb hdd Nvidia gtx 675m 2 gb ddr5
  2. Knight Online I think
  3. My dog chews my Kingston 32gb micro-sd card and all the photos were gone
  4. If you had a beastly pc go with ARMA 3 If you want a smooth gaming experience play Rust If you want to play with your friends ,buy Dayz If you want lots of feature in game go with H1Z1
  5. My computer is get low fps after 30 min. of playing and its getting worse. My solution is every 30 min. later reset the pc
  6. Yeah H1Z1 is still laggy and lots of hackers on servers
  7. I think sony prometheus is better.And you can play with ps4 too
  8. Is razer cortex raise performance?
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