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  1. Hello, I flashed this vbios and I'm impressed at the gains I'm getting so far. (+380/+400 with a +187.5 mV stable) Though, I have a question. I'd like to force the P5 state and overvolt from there but forcing the P5 state with Nvidia inspector doesn't do anything and the voltage slider is greyed out in every state except for the P0 state. Is it supposed to behave this way? I was on the A14 bios on Windows 10 and what I did was flash the A13 bios from Dell's website, then I flashed this vbios.
  2. I think it's not worth the price. It's only that small because the power supply is external (a brick). And it's too noisy. You can get an AMD mini ITX build with much better specs than that thing.
  3. I always get the latest drivers from Nvidia and never had issues. They fixed the old Full RGB output issue in the newest drivers and give you more control of the output which you can't get with Dell's old OEM drivers.
  4. I think it might've been worth it a few years back but I think now it's better to invest in a mini-ITX or a micro ATX machine if you're looking for compactness since you're not going to be able to game on the battery alone. I bought my x14 R2 three years ago and I'm planning to replace it with a tablet+microATX PC combo when the Pascal GPUs are out.
  5. I agree with this. I'm limited to +135 boost on core clock eventhough I have some room as my GPU doesn't go over 61 degrees fully loaded so I'm planning to flash a vbios to get some more performance out of it.
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