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  1. lightningalien

    [POLL] 2016 and Beyond: What do YOU want?

    I want something thin as a macbook air, display that has no borders like the one in dell xps 13 (2015), a core i7-cpu and a discrete nvidia graphics preferably something like the gtx 970m, a super fast pcie SSD and a 4k display 15inch screen size. Exterior should be all metal, and should have wireless charging. I would also like a finger print scanner integrated into the track pad, it would be really useful when making purchases online.
  2. Hi everyone, i currently have a alienware m14x and i want to know if its possible to run mac osx alongside windows. I need osx for my mobile development class, because we will be making a IOS application.
  3. can i flash with the stock A08 already installed ?
  4. lightningalien

    is alienware m14x worth buying or not?

    Most definitely yes!, its one of the best laptops i have ever owned. not only is it fast, it just lasted much longer that i thought because of the really good cooling system. I had this laptop for 3 years now and its still going strong.
  5. lightningalien

    How to order from Alienware US for non US citizens

    I bought my alienware from india too got it shipped to my house in USA, because i was on vacation with my parents.
  6. lightningalien

    Nvidia driver or OEM drivers

    Hi everyone i have an m14x r1, i am not sure if i should download the nvidia drivers or the drivers from dell website, on the nvidia website it says it is recommended to use OEM drivers.

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