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  1. hoezaay

    Is Witcher game better than book?

    The book is great but Witcher 3 is INCREDIBLE !
  2. hoezaay

    [M14x r1] Sata on caddy bay ?

    any update on whether this worked ? I'm considering putting an ssd into the caddy too and was wondering if the modded bios will give 2 ssd's sata 3 speeds//
  3. tbh , i don't think you should push the r1 much further than it already goes because this thing runs hot.If you're going to oc the r1 , then make sure you open the whole thing up and repaste the cpu. It'll bring your temps a couple of degrees down ( the drop won't be too much ) , but it'll be enough for you to push it just a little bit. Best of luck.
  4. hoezaay

    What movies have you seen lately?

    Jurassic World - TERRIBLE film.
  5. Same here my caddy was a bit thicker but only slightly and managed to secure it in the case with just a little bit of pushing down ..Running a Sumsung Evo 850 250gb as os drive and the 500gb drive that came with it as storage ...this laptop is BLAZING fast with ssds.cheers.
  6. Hello folks, my name is Jose and I work with radio and television in India, but now everything I do is online. I love messing around with hardware and firmware to see how much it can be pushed and that's why I ended up here.
  7. hoezaay

    Post Your System

    Desktop i7 870 Asus Strix ENGTX980 Also an Alienware M14x R1 ( Hdd and Optical Drive replaced with SSDs )
  8. hoezaay

    Favorite TV Shows / Newsgroups Discussion

    Currently watching True Detective Season 2. I loved season 1 and watched it all in one go. With Season 2 you need to give it at least 3 episodes before you get hooked.I waited and I'm hooked. Farrell is damn good.So is Vaughn.
  9. hoezaay

    What movies have you seen lately?

    I watched Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey last night and relived my childhood. In retrospect now, the first movie is terrible but not unwatchable and has it's moments. Second movie is MUCH better, totally loved watching it again and a much more intelligent film.
  10. hoezaay

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Listening to The XX - Intro - https://youtu.be/3gxNW2Ulpwk it's so good there are 4 hour long seamless edits of it too.lol.

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