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  1. Does anyone know what voltage that fan runs at? I would be interested in trying it, I would have to find a small enough pot and maybe cut a hole in the bottom of the case?
  2. For all those looking, the link in the thread is broken. If anyone has a source for this, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I've tried the disable bluetooth and changing all the settings. I do have to say it actually works now, however it still has lag spikes. I have full connection bars and signal strength, but it will intermittently drop packets, so for web surfing it is livable but for gaming it is unacceptable. I also think it may be the built in network card and particular routers,as I didn't have issues at work. I take it home and I get the dropped packets again. Another thing I noticed is if it runs on the battery, it gets really bad. Anyone else notice if it only gets worse while on battery power?
  4. No, you just have to be careful not to bend the pin. Easiest way for me to remove it was use a small spatula or flat head under the round ring and it pops off. Then you just line it up on the new card and it should pop on. I don't know if switching the black and white make a difference though.
  5. I don't believe it has an inverter. I didn't see anything in the y500 that had an inverter, nor any new laptops for that matter. flickering could be board, I would try to find another screen to test with before I would order one. Or you can order one from someone who has a return policy to be safe.
  6. I'm looking to unlock the bios mainly to change the wifi card. It keeps a connection, but it randomly starts to have lag and the ping rate skyrockets. Is this the issue others are having with the 2230 card with the y500?
  7. Mine doesnt have tape as well, so I'm assuming there is no way for them to tell you opened it. However since your has a broken pin only on the ultra bay, I dont think they could tell how it happened as long as it is on the connector to the ultra bay.
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