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  1. Lenovo y580 Intel i3 3120m Nvidia gtx660m 2gb 8gb Ram 1600MHz 240gb HDD for system + 1TB HDD for stuff:)
  2. First of all try instal Lenovo Energy Managment and change powet state to Dynamic graphics in it. Then go to nvidia panel and set High Performance for application you want. Remember that the exe you open can be not this one runing as app you see. For example you can have launcher.exe and game.exe, so set high performance in nv control panel for game.exe.
  3. And how its about i3 procesors. I mean 2 core 4 thread? I see in ets2 that my cpu is used aall the time at avg 50-60%, and gpu at 99%. But when i drive to city my cpu still have about 50-60% of usage, but gpu is droping down to sth about 50%. Also, i cant alt+tab this game because then my gpu is not use in 100% and i have drop fps from 50 to 20 ;/
  4. skubi07

    Gtav on pc

    I can play it on my i3 lenovo y580 with 660m. Set evrerything on medium, 720p and have locked to steady 30fps. Works like harm
  5. skubi07


    Did you see this? Lenovo ideapad Y580 Disassembly | MyFixGuide.com
  6. Is it posible to make stable 1.1v, 1200mhz core 2700 mem clock for svl 2.07? I need this one because of throttle about an 20-30 minutes of gameing. My gpu have about 78-80 degree and clock change from 1200 to 885mhz. PS. i have i3 version.
  7. I have svl7 bios, and my card cant handle 1200mhz... ;/ Also it heat up to over 80 degree in ets2, and after that it throttle to 885mhz. So i need to try this bios, and i think that change thermal paste also be good idea.
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