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  1. Borderlands 2, looks fantastic...Also pretty much any Crysis game.
  2. Try this...Depending if you have an i7, 5, etc something with hyper-threading, find the game under your Task Manager, Details tab (I'm on Windows 8.1, so might differ for you if on 7) and drop your first core. I do this on Arma 3 and I get a MASSIVE FPS bump...Cpu bottle-necking to the max. I also get large amounts of microstutter due to typical hard-drive, so a SSD for smaller games might be a good choice. I've also had Driver issues with specific games like Borderlands. The newest drives threw the FPS down to 25, I rolled back to a known and BAM solid 60.
  3. Hey gents, one of my first posts here as I'm pretty new. This post is in regards to some odd actions I perform to get more performance out of some games. The topic is my CPU, hyperthreading, and why disabling Core0 (Thread 1) causes a MASSIVE FPS boost. CPU i7-4700MQ @ 2.40GHz GPU Nvidia GT 750M PC: Lenovo Y510p Steps: This is in respects to Arma 3, a very CPU hungry game, and before anyone says I just need to disable hyper-threading, I can't do that just yet. - First I run the game, on a very low impact "mission." My graphics are set at a level that my GPU usage is around 60-70 percent. - Secondly I go to the arma3.exe and disable Core0, which has my Frames go from about 28 up to around 50. This to me, is a very obvious CPU bottleneck, and messing around with the various startup params for Arma, I have yet to be able to replicate this performance boost. This could turn out to be a very simple answer, something around the lines of "Well, dropping your first core is pushing processes in the game to new threads, thus load balancing" but should't this happen in the first place? I've attempted to research this, yet to no avail can figure out why it happens. It could be a bad driver? And ideas would be fantastic as I've hit a stalemate with the thing, and just end up dropping core0 right after I start the game.
  4. This is fantastic! I'm assuming the 510 isn't "that" much different from the 500 correct? I've been terrified to break my laptop down past taking out the RAM, hard drive, etc.
  5. I've had some weird bugs on my 510p as well, same OS. I've since went to nothing but Ethernet, waaaay more stable. There's actually this obscure function called like "Data Saver" or something like that on windows, that you can find in the Windows Apps settings page, it used to cut me off when I'd hit a specific amount. Go have a check and see if that's enabled. Also try going into Safemode with Networking "Might have to google how to get Win8.1 into Safemode, something about holding ctrl, or shift when you press restart) and see if it still drops. If it works fine in Safe Mode it's probably some weird antivirus or firewall.
  6. Am I missing something or is there no cover for that? If not, did you just cram it in there lol?
  7. Honest question, can you even pick up an SSD that's larger than the, what, 32GB or something ( I can't recall) to shove into that slot? A 128GB would be perfect, but I highly doubt they make something with that form factor. Hell, I don't even know if I can get the Y510p's SSD from Lenovo anymore.
  8. This is actually...pretty awesome! Yet it seems to always do fine for me when it's getting a bit warm, most of the time around 85C. However on Furmark I have the same exact problem. One of the biggest issues I was having is keeping my laptop lid closed, which at the time I never noticed made the laptop STUPIDLY warm when gaming (doh!) and with the purchase of a rather large cooling fan I feel confident that anything but Furmark won't have it peak that 97C mark.
  9. 1080p Is a must for my Y510...Anything else and it just looks like a two-year old is showing me some drawings on my screen. I would highly suggest keeping your desktop res at 1080, and perhaps turning some games down to 1600x900 if you're worried about performance.
  10. For me, DayZ is dead in the water (no pun intended) Development has stalled to a crawl, the entire engine is utterly flawed, and I have yet to get anything above 30FPS on that game without cutting the graphics down to a blob...It's really terribly optimized. However, that's DayZ Standalone, the mod itself, especially like Overwatch/Epoch etc, are fantastic. I just can't bring myself to go back down that road again though, lots of glitches getting me killed. I'd suggest picking up Arma 2/OA and getting DayZCommander and try it out.
  11. Pretty much all of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NASAYO3jOY8
  12. robohunterx

    the new Y50/40

    Hey now, the Y510p isn't THAT bad...I picked mine up, the only issue being upgrading the GPU (But that's just a laptop problem in general...)
  13. I'm always under the impression that big came companies will always seek going for console gamers over PC, simply because of numbers. There's obviously more consoles on the grid than PC gamers would like to admit. I agree, many ports to the PC are absolute trash, but at least some dev's are taking the time (GTA5) to sort out any bugs before releasing it early.
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