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  1. @TBlazer Ok there is a new bios update maybe it gives sata 3 again? Before you change the bios chip maybe an upgrade to the newest one is a good idear? sp77971.exe 12MB (verry big for just a bios ^^ ) Version: F64 A From: 24.Okt. 2016 http://h20565.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?sp4ts.oid=5056945&swItemId=ob_177061_1&swEnvOid=2096
  2. SSD!! SSD! the hard drive is ...§%%"§$/("§()$=)"§)
  3. what type of programmer did you use for the eprom?
  4. A full guide with pictures is here: http://hp6560b.blogspot.de/2012/11/hp-6560b-probook-lcd-replacement-upgrade.html if you upgrade the screen res you have to change the cable :-( https://www.google.de/search?q=646970-001&oq=646970-001&aqs=chrome..69i57.4318j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  5. Well for SSD's i don't really know but transferspeeds are not that important..... they are usually fast enought its more about iops :-P Doesn't look too bad for a used and filled ssd to the rim, if you leave some more space it runs on cocaine ( nCache runs flash cells as slc does some funny caching ) I can see on my own screen shot that i had 40Gb+ free thats no more, dang i need to delete some games. The last time i checked your ssd type BX100 was Bargain/economy class and with these numbers i would be more statisfied, it destroys any hdd thats more than enought..... For my experienece i have to say that my Samsung 840 Pro 256GB feels fast at work (Z77 corei5, Sata 6 on an Asrock board), but the sandisk is faster but not if you fill it hard to the rim. I am sure theres a tool for your BX100 to maintain firmware and health that should tell the right link speed read from the ssd itself. @Tech Inferno Fan When i ran the bench, "sandisk ssd dashboard" complained not to run benchmarks with windows drive caching turned on and that it doesn't like the current benchmark software and will turn off some of its boost features :-P
  6. Hello everyone, could'nt find anything form my good ole HP elitebook 8460p it runs on a Intel QM67 chipset thus XTU should work with this mod, currently i still can't install it (stupid netframework problems) Anyone did an overclock on 8460p F.42 Bios with this mod? I am willing to dump my ME FW just for the heck of it ^^
  7. Well the first google suggest 35W only: http://www.cpu-upgrade.com/mb-HP/ProBook_6570b.html And the HP forums: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions/Probook-6570b-Are-the-CPU-amp-GPU-upgradeable/td-p/5079207 Theres a chance that it will work anyway, the cpu just clocks down and runs slower, it won't set on fire if that's your question.. but is it worth it? 4 Threads vs 4 Cores? Look at this:
  8. WOOOO Expresscard!! well no sub 15" argh it is not backpack friendly to run around with half a camping table ^^
  9. nvflash on ati cards? gpu-z slave bios backup possible just in case, then read this: http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/amd-ati-flashing-guide.212849/ Tools: https://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/Utilities/BIOS_Flashing/ATI/ old ati bios flash tools from that era, should be fun... i will de dust my m5550 R3-i that good old C2D T7200 had some mxm-upgrade fun like crazy back then :-P
  10. Sometimes Laptop Models are a little obscure thus people just don't know if they have them ^^ Can you post your bios here and maybe share some infos as Bios mods are always very risky and if someone does get further with (any model) it is always nice to get some info's Id say just share it for the heck of it maybe someone needs it or can derive from your mods
  11. Can i bios dump from my 8460p and share with some software? 68SCF is indeed 8460p Bios at least for mine, and i can confirm that a Sandisk Extreme Pro 240GB Model does run with sata 6 according to its own tool. @TBlazer: Maybe you can find the hp spXXX.exe and extract something that is flashable? ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp62501-63000/sp62738.html says it is F42 inside sp62738.exe Ok downloaded it its too big for this forum aww shwt well here you go: Checksum md5:FDB66D9C3EBAA899D0A67C9496B57C24 http://hopiberg.bplaced.net/68SCF8.F08.zip @Tech Inferno Fan: Add it to your personal collection of bioses :-P
  12. Hello everyone! I am currently running an 8460p with F0.42 Bios, and my curren RAM is just running with 1333Mhz. It might be because of 2x8GB Sticks beeing inside of it, but if i change the Bios (replaceing the bios chip ultimatively) ist it possible to run 1600Mhz like on the other Elitebooks? My 8460p is very similar to an 2560p can i use another bios? Greeetings Moes
  13. Ok today i got my eGPU working!! 8460p Windows 7 x64 DSTD override 16GB (2x8GB) RAM GTX 660 2GB from Gainward: only quirk i found is that it laggs like crazy after a game, if i run cs:go and then go back to the desktop i can not surf with chrome as it laggs while scrolling. Is the PCI-E Link right? I do run a PE4L 2.1b which is soldered to the express card.. my slot is set to Gen 2 instead of Gen 1 if that helps :-( Hot Un-plug works, but needs a rebot to get it working again.
  14. Hello everyone currently i work on my dsdt override, and need some help: Which one of those PCI Bridges is the right one for the dsdt override? i did get my dsdt.dsl file which can be opened with a text editor like Notepad++ :-P now i have to insert the new "programm code", a new paragraph for the pci adress expansion :-) upon using "iasl -oa XXXX.dsl" command to compile i got some errors :-( There are only two errors this time?? Ok well i had 140+ last time :-( Do i have to change something with this error according to the fixing guide? i can't just add some other commands arround it, that makes no sense to me. Error 1. Error 2. i will append the file here as zip for everyone to download and have a look at it, maybe someone knows how to resolve them! Thank you for any advice for a possible fixing help DSDT_161CHP8460p.zip
  15. Thank you Tech Inferno Fan for that clarification, i think i am going to buy a GTX670 to get some gaming and ditch my free GTX650. I tried the dstd override but the asl file compilation threw up errors like crazy, 140+ errors and i couldn't get it to run... is it possible to take the needed files from another 8460p with windows 7? maybe someone had success before me with that :-P
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