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  1. Thank You for answer but there is no difference after changes You mentioned.
  2. Hi, I've been using this modem as described on photo. Is therer any option to upgrade, strenght wifi signal in our 2570p?
  3. i7-3632QM + eGPU + GTX770 - - - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3632QM,Hewlett-Packard 17DF
  4. It does not fix this cause after BIOS update I got the same messages. On the other hand, we need to remember that I could had broken MB.
  5. i5-3230M + GTX770 OC NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 video card benchmark result - Intel Core i5-3230M Processor,Hewlett-Packard 17DF until end of the day, I'll post with i7-3632QM.
  6. for sure, service man came to me week ago but during tests there was no error! dissapeared! and we decided to not swap MB, we assumed if error would occur I will call him and then we swap it without testing, tomorrow it should be done
  7. i'm trying to do my best man modded fan? maybe but idont think so, before i got problems with fan, i tried to hotplug usb printer cable and printer wasn't grounded, on USB port appeared spark even and day after this i got fan problems.
  8. no, no as You can see, CPU in 3dm11 is loaded only in Physics test and Combined test With good OC I dream to reach 9,5k points GS ore maybe ... 10k? after replace my mainboard, I ll do some benchmarks vs GTX760/670/680
  9. Today fan died completly but I tried to run whole 3dm11 with i5, GTX770 and not working fan Tj was close: P comparison with the i5, under the same conditions as the test today, where bottom was drilled and the raised rear hatch. original cooling. do not be fooled by 960rpm on the chart, it means that the fan is not working and does not perform any movement. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 video card benchmark result - Intel Core i5-3230M Processor,Hewlett-Packard 17DF
  10. But take a look that even BF4 as a game focused on CPU, uses CPU almost barely (so I don't need a 45W TDP efficiency). I'll check how it works after cores unlock/parking.
  11. can you check if You have more hotter right bottom side of 2570p more than left one? in my opinion right side in my 2570p is more hot tahn 2C difference as mentioned in review. I speak abou i5 idle situation.
  12. Yes, I have them all the time but I really regret 2530p (2540p also?) fan controll ability=simplicity
  13. Thanks. But as mentioned many times before, on 2530p we can choose every single value between 0 and max rpms. In 2560p/2570p only 0 or another one is 3200rpm. Shame...
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