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  1. Guys, I don't know anything right now. All program says that drive is working on SATA3 mode. Is it truth? I found test of my BX100 250GB SSD on web here os comparison with my results. Should i change the BIOS? In SANDRA screen: G3 is SSD i think and G2 port is for my WD 750GB SATA II HDD in multibay
  2. Thanks for answer! One more thing, can U reupload 68SCF8.zip file from hpfocus? They want me to get 50 points in their forum, i don't want to make ridiculous new threads on their forum just to get points.
  3. Hi guys, At the first, sorry for my language. My english isn't very good. I have a problem with my HP EliteBook 8460p. I bought a SSD drive for my laptop then i got info that my BIOS F60. is blocking SATA 3 option so i got only SATA 2. I found info on google that older BIOS F20. is still with SATA 3 config so i'm trying to install it but with no effects. Of course i've tried to install it from Windows ( HPQFlash ) but program says that is older BIOS so i can't change it. Then i've: -install "HP BIOS Update UEFI" and "HP System Diagnostic UEFI" on my pendrive, -put BIOS file ( 68SCF.bin ) in Hewlett-Packard/BIOS/New with .sig file ( signature file for BIOS file ) -restart my laptop, pressed F2 for "HP Advanced Diagnostic" -choose "BIOS Managment" -select install New BIOS -UEFI found 68SCF.bin in /New folder -but then i've got error says "The System BIOS update failed", "Signature of BIOS image failed verification" So there is a problem with .sig file of course. I try all .sig files that i have. No one of them worked. I try to change names of .sig files for "69SCF.sig" but without effects. Still no verification Any ideas?
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