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  1. I try to do this on my own laptop cause of no one reply me,huh Fortunately,it works! No more tester wanted.Thx. End.
  2. Hey guys, I've moded SONY VAIO SVS151190X BIOS based on svl7's oc BIOS(835/1000), for test reason I only changed the Boot section to unlock hidden menus. Then,you should know that I've not found out how to get into crysis mode if you get a brick.It is at your own risk. If lucky, there should be a series of options such as Fast Boot, UEFI PXE Boot, Quick Boot, Quiet Boot, ACPI Selection, Boot Delay Time, etc. Now if someone wants to test it, reply me. And wish you post screenshots.
  3. luvmdy

    Sony worth it?

    We are in pursuit of fashion Sony, his price expensive, if from the quality and performance point of view, he is not worth me to buy
  4. i wish to test the bios,could you sent me one?my email:luvmdy@gmail.com and the image you wanted
  5. u should get a Headphone Amp and DAC,that's enough
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