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  1. I think that if you are going to buy a computer, than you can invest in one not only to play games. A computer has many more usefull stuff to be done thatn playing games, like building a media center. But if your only wish is to play games and still buy cheap hardware, I'd say that a console might be a better idea.
  2. Ahh, yesterday I watched Limitless. It's from 2011, and a good movie in my opinion.
  3. Hello everyone. I have an M14x R1 which I bought in June 2011. Recently I have decided to replace my HDD (Samsung 500gb) which came with the system and bought a SSD. So I put the SSD as the first drive unit and replaced my optical drive with a HDD bay and the original HDD. I started Windows from the HDD in the optical slot to backup my data and did not have any problems. Then I installed a new Windows on the SSD. My first move was to erase the old Windows partition from the HDD which ran smoothly. Then I installed my first application on the second HDD, which was Firefox. Immediatelly I figured that there was something wrong. The access time of the 2nd HDD was very very very slow. Every software that I install or download, or every folder that I try to access I have to wait 1 or 2 minutes before Windows stops processing the request. After I already have access to the folder, the problem only happens again if the software tries to write anything to that folder. For example, Firefox and its Temp data. I have tried many things but still couldn't come with an answer. Can anyone help me? - Index is disabled - Windows search is disabled - Cache is enabled on the 2nd HDD Thanks! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As my problems continued, I have tried a new approach. I erased everything again. Both Drives. After a clean install of Windows, I did not disable/enable anything regarding performance improvements or tweaks for my SSD. So far, everything is running better. I'll continue testing and report back in case there are any news.
  4. I bought um M14x in June 2011. I found it to be one of my best purchases. I still use it to play games on the go. Since I travel a lot, buying it was Worth it. But my screen case broke down and I had to repair it. Other than that, I am happy with my M14x.
  5. The problem with DayZ are that the controls are a little complicated at first, but I like it better.
  6. abuacool


    Perhaps to make sure that you will continue to contribute to the community. Other than just create na account to download.
  7. I know this is na old post, but I am also experiencing this problem... I recently upgraded my M14xR1 with a SSD and put my original Samsung drive in the optical bay using a caddy... To copy my old fyles I kept my HDD intact and started Windows from it without having any problems. But when I used my SSD as the OS, the access to the 2nd hdd is extremelly slow. I'll try flashing the BIOS with a diferente version, but I am very diaspointed...
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