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  1. Hey everyone, I've had my M14xR2 for a few months now, upgraded from an M14xR1. Really loving the battery savings from Ivy Bridge, and the mSATA slot. Looks like there's some great info here, especially around the area of Modded Vbios. Hope to try it out soon
  2. Have you tried uninstalling and then installing the drivers? I changed my wifi card to a different one, but was having a similar problem until I removed the drivers THEN installed the new ones.
  3. Yeah, after I updated to the latest drivers Afterburner shows the wrong clocks. I've had to use HwInfo
  4. Usually that means the fan is loose on it's bearings, and it's best to just replace it. If you're out of warranty, you'll have to do the replacement yourself, but it's pretty simple and the fan itself is pretty cheap.
  5. I was having a similar problem, and it turned out that I just had a ton of dust stuck between the heatsink and the fan. I tried blowing it out with compressed air, but that didn't really help. I actually had to pull out the fan, and there was a 1/4" thick strip of dust between them that I pulled out. It's crazy how much it will stop the flow of air and heat up your computer. If you're going that far, you might as well just repaste the CPU at the same time, I got a good 8-10C drop in temps by switching to some Arctic Silver.
  6. Update: I measured the amount of time of each hang and they are all exactly 1 minute. I'm watching the disk IO graphs on the Resource manager, and during each hang the blue line is at the top of the graph, and the green shaded line goes all the way down. When it is working, the blue line usually follows the green one, but slightly above. One minute also happens to be the amount of time that it takes for a full pass of the length of the graph.
  7. I'm having some trouble with my second hard drive in my M14x. I bought an OCZ Vertex 3 120gb SSD, replaced the stock WD 500gb Scorpio Black drive with it. Then I put that drive into a caddy in place of the optical drive. Windows recognizes the drive, and I can use it, but it runs intermittently slowly. I ran benchmarks with HDTune and they came out normal with an average of ~60MB/s transfer speeds. However, I installed itunes onto the SSD and pointed the media directory to the HDD where I copied all of my music onto (which transferred perfectly fine). Now iTunes is going through and 'Determining Gapless Playback Information' for all of my songs, but it will go for a while, then stop, then continue and repeat that process. When it hangs, iTunes is completely unusable, any song that was playing stops, and it won't let me browse through the files on the HDD with Windows Explorer. I'm pretty sure it isn't just iTunes because when I browse through the hard drive in explorer and play a song with VLC, it will take a while to load the song, during which time I can't browse any other files on the disk. The drive shows up as SATA 3 Gb/s in HWiNFO. I read that the Hard Drive has to be set to SATA 1.5Gb/s mode in order to work with the Optical drive port. Is there any way to do that with the stock Western Digital drive? I've seen people with similar issues in that their drives consistently run at a slower speed, or don't work at all, but I haven't seen anyone else whose drive inconsistently locks up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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