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  1. thanks for testing it lol, looks like it did work and i just wish for a R2 this instant so i could play around with it.
  2. this might be a bit old and a bit late but regarding to GPU not clocking down, i now experience something similar with another laptop of mine. it has GT560m although its dedicated graphic memory it is onboard built in graphics (graphic is part of the motherboard). not sure if this is the laptop issue with Asus or nvidia driver issue but it is using the latest driver. the clock actually can go up and down along with memory core ONLY if shaders clock stays above a certain speed. example would be, core 800, memory 1000, shaders 1300 and if i change core memory up or down it seems to be fine, but if shaders went below 1100, core and memory clock does not change no matter what value i put into them.
  3. sorry guys to bring the bad news for R1 users, "RAID0 TRIM Another Look". it seems raid 0 trim will only support for 7 series chipset, and thats from intel. but again intel could be wrong so who knows. and looks like doesnt need 11.5 orom, just have to have 11.0+ orom built in something blah blah.
  4. imo 925 and 1350 is pretty high isnt it? normally 5-10% OC on graphics card would be good not to stress the card. i always OC only 5% cause im scared to trash my card lol
  5. thanks i'll give that a try. glad to know the heatsink fits lol or else i wasted my money =DD
  6. good to see you here john. R2 unlocked bios, im in, when i get my R2 lol, wont be till 3940xm released =/ really interested in pushing CPU to higher frequency on all 4 cores and getting esata port multiplier working without having to use an expresscard.
  7. hey mr fox and john glad to see you two here as well. also sorry for bringing up such an old thread but i would like to push my cpu over 4.8 and test towards the 5.0 if possible. i recently just got my hand on the triple pipe heatsink for R2, dont know if it'll fit in R1 though. what is XTU, a software for CPU oc'ing? if someone would kindly do the steps by step, and also provide the voltage for a possible stable temp/without BSOD would be great. thank you!
  8. for GPU not clocking down seems to be a new one ive never heard of, maybe a defective card? generally something from nvidia shouldnt have much problems with its driver, although in the past they had driver issues just like current ATI/AMD cards so i dont think its a driver problem. as for CPU overheating, did you re-paste (thermal paste) your CPU at all? ALOT of CPU will throttle when theres no thermal paste, open it up and check to see if the paste getting old/ if theres any stock paste. if you have it and your fans are working at high spin speed and you are still getting such high temperature, im wondering if you got yourself an ES CPU instead of QS CPU chip lol. its known ES chips can overclock high (with supported overclock bios) but they are known to have bad temperature control, or no control at all. this is why it is generally alright to get an ES chip to overclock in a desktop but not laptop due to poor air ventilation and less cooling. i would say, take out your chip to see if it says ES/QS although i think most QS CPU will say ES on them anyway. take out your CPU, call up on intel and give them w/e number is on the chip and they will be able to tell you if its ES/QS. if its ES, intel will most likely exchange to QS chip for you as to either intel or your laptop company made a mistake. if its QS, then theres something wrong with your CPU could be a defective one or maybe theres issue with 3720QM that people not currently aware of yet. ( and from the looks of previous posts, i would say maybe there are issues with 3720QM in Dell alienware, or theres problem with 3720QM) just a question though, you saying you have a R2 so i assume its M18x R2 right? how did you get a 650m in the M18x R2? the lowest GPU option on dell config page is 660m. so wth?
  9. what kind of CPU/GPU are you using having this happen? i dont think this is something to do with fan control that GPU isnt clocking down. maybe bad drivers?
  10. both my hp and sony overheated and fan died, had to replace both fans. and now, either gpu/cpu is dying probably due to long term overheating and i have to take off the bottom plate + coolingpad just to be able to use it to play some crappy games, really disapointed.
  11. i just bought a 3k m18x alienware.. i hope this cpu and gpu really cools and not causing me problems. i truely believe furmark and prime95 are overkill programs, and i always put settings for game on lowest if possible so i dont overheat my system, nevertheless, i hope encoding movie will work fine on this new machine and wont overheat and die on me. 2.4ghz 2760qm, dual AMD 6990 2gb GDDR5 crossfire, and 16 gb ram at 1600. i got a cooler master cooling pad with 3 adjustable fans just in case this alienware cant cool fast enough. any tips from the veteran here? ive been reading posts where the 2 GPUS have different temp, and cpu cant cool fast enough.. also i dont know anything about adjustable fan speed.
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