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  1. time to move towards mobile workstation with battery packs and 3 display, only way to do this is to spend bigger bucks.
  2. really sad to see we going BGA route, intel and laptop manufacturer in general. imo MSI should have picked 4940mx to go with would have been far better..
  3. so i saw a vid with disassembled heatsink, and there it is!! BGA garbage
  4. with throttlestop we can adjust current to CPU so it should be fine no?
  5. so meaker is telling me this laptop has something of 6bins can oc to 4.4ghz? not sure how thats gonna work ummm
  6. quad core turbo only to 3.6ghz, thats a disappointment. it is basically the only way they can keep CPU cool with 2 heatpipes which is again shared with GPU, also one 350 watt PSU could be enough for this also cause of the lower clocked CPU. if its really socketed CPU then unfortunately I will not purchase until it's phasing out, in like 3-4 years for collection purposes only. i have a very strong feeling this is tilting the worst way possible that all future mobile CPU will be like this either extreme edition or not it'll all be BGA. gotta cross my finger and wait for clevo's brilliant idea for Desktop CPU in mobile sector. best part about desktop CPU is that they usually require much lower voltage to get to higher clock, and larger surface of IHS for heat dissipation, except it has crap tim under it. come on clevo, release x99 haswell E already, or x101 or something with skylake E
  7. you think clevo is making one with x99 chipset? i hope they do one so later on Broadwell E will fit nicely into the laptop, with metal chassis of course. also 4980HQ really is soldered BGA? what the hell such a good looking machine all gone to waste in an instant because of 1 soldered GPU.
  8. anyway to do this for 780m and also 980m vbios? for secure/fastboot
  9. lol i am the one currently owning his laptop. the matte screen is legit and non reflect alright. i had to do something about the bezel though. overall great asset to alienware and i'd say its must have compared to reflective display. also, loving his custom bezel alienware logo.
  10. you could be correct. iirc m17x R3 WIHD slot seems to be both USB and PCI. to my knowledge its different wiring/circuits and how it is powered and most company don't bother to add compatibility to them.
  11. what a great find, that is even a tad smaller than the one im using, amazing!! the msata slot in m18x R2 uses sata line, if your m14x msata slot can run a msata SSD, then its will not work with mPCIE card. wifi internet card is a mPCIE card. another thing is even though you purchase something and title says msata mPCIE card etc etc, they are only talking about the port and size. msata SSD card will NOT work in mini pcie slot that runs PCI or USB lane same for opposite. USB for USB, mPCIE for PCI, msata for msata...
  12. I don't know about m14x cause of the limited space. do you have two mPCIE ports in m14x? if you did then just need to check if they those slots run on USB or mPCIE lanes. the picture you see there is not a raid card its just a gen 2.0 mPCIE to sata card (card act as a bridge) which is why half length msata SSD will not work in that slot. that 90 degree angled sata thin cable goes into optical bay where I have another similar green half length card and that one is a raid card, which can go raid 1,0 and SPAN. no JBOD because no port multiplier on original mPCIE slot. get a couple power splitter it'll be a real tight fit to get all in ODD area. but if it just two HDD it should work out pretty well.
  13. old mod is gone, new one adds 1 more msata and 1 more 2.5 via pcie.
  14. why is 2000mhz 9-10-10 better for windows photoshop etc than 2133mhz 10-11-11? is it on CAS alone?
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