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  1. I'll be honest I'm just here because I was looking for a fix for my Hotkey.exe because part of my backlit keyboard is noncontrollable by the app, but the light isn't broken because when the computer is booting up it turns on automatically. It just turns off once I log in. Now I have to make posts just so I can download a file from a forum to try fixing it.
  2. Twitch I will be active again starting in late May/early June.
  3. Anyone had issues with Clevos purchased via Xotic PC? Two issues I have had with mine are random black screens when booting up on only battery power, and the battery wearing down really fast. [1 year later and already at 64% Wear] Other minor nuisance was never obtaining software that was supposed to come with it for free, such as a game and an art program.
  4. I have a similar weird quirk where the battery wore down in mine really fast, and sometimes the clocks go crazy when plugged in and charging. Since the battery sometimes doesn't read as full even when it is, it just keeps pumping more energy in and I have to unplug before it overheats. I think I need a new battery, but is there anywhere I can get a cheap one?
  5. I have a similar issue. If I boot the computer unplugged the screen will go black after I log in. After that I restart the computer and it works whether it's plugged in or not. Doesn't matter if I boot plugged in though.
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