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  1. So, after a long wait for eurocom to get back to me, i just got an email, they asked to to send the card back to them, as there might be a manufacturer's defect. so I'll let you guys know when i do get a replacement. Thanks guys for your ideas and time you've put into advising me. figures cross everything goes well from here and on.
  2. did you just plug it and disabled IGD and enabled PEG, and booted to desktop?
  3. i tried re installing Windows 7 using the installation disk, with the 780m in the system, with IGD disabled and PEG enabled. it did boot from the cd and installed but when it suppose to verify the system video card and other stuff i got the blank screen AGAIN!!!! Needless to say this is very very frustrating. - - - Updated - - - im not flashing the card yet, i`ll wait for eurocom to get back to me. See if they have a solution (im hopeful....) - - - Updated - - - @svl7 do i need to have an Nvidia driver installed before flashing the vbios.
  4. sure, that would be perfect. i can`t thank you enough.
  5. i know i checked @chiefule post while doing my research before i buying the 780m. if i`m doing something wrong it beats me, i don't know what. i tried contacting him, but he hasn`t replied yet.
  6. Please read previous posts, i did precise i do not have a 3D screen, also i uploaded pictures of my screen details in posts.
  7. eurocom has not got back to me yet, getting worried.
  8. Went to the dell support page, found the driver (v311.48) they are using for the 780m with the new alienware 17, lauched it, ofcourse it failed. modded the nvdm. It did install but when reboot in normal mode, same thing, blank screen.
  9. Maybe i should wait, before flashing the vbios, Eurocom should get back to me since tomorrow is monday (they dont work on the weekend). in the mean time ill prepare a usb drive to flash the vbios.
  10. ok, so the results for the video card: video card connection test> pass Video card memory test vendor name: NVIDIA Corporation Product ID: GK104 Board - 20530001 Vendor Version: Chip Rev Memory Start = 0*c1000000 Memory size tested 14.00MB Test Results: Pass if u need anymore info let me know. thanks
  11. you mean diagnostic right? ok so the video card diagnostic showed all the colors which went horizontally and vertically. it still diagnosing rite now
  12. ok installed the nv driver 326.01 modded .inf, unselected both 3D options, it did install successfully. then rebooted manually into normal mode, got the problem again, blank screen, this time it was a light BLUE:50_002:. - - - Updated - - - Does help you nw that you noticed it?
  13. The 780m is in the system right now, ive put it back after enabling the peg and disable IGD. What do you mean by artifacts?
  14. i can`t seem to get into normal mode to install the nv driver 326.01 with the modded nvcvn.inf, right now i`m in safe mode to install it, when it completes, ill try to flash the A12 bios again. do i flash it in safe Mode (will windows allow me to do it in safe mode) or do i go to normal mode with only the intel HD Graphic card enable. (my only option with the 780M in the system) I`ll let you know how it goes. - - - Updated - - - is there anything else i should delete, cause there is only the display.optimus and display.update in the international folder.
  15. so, i unplugged>took the battery out>press the power button for 30sec(nearly 40 sec actually)> took the CMOS battery out> put the CMOS battery back in> put the back in (do i plug in the Ac adapter)> got stuck at he boot screen, to loaded nearly a quarter then stops. Please advise, thank you.
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