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  1. The Steam streaming option is pretty versatile from what I understand. I have a friend who added Starcraft 2 to his steam library, and then streamed it to his MAC laptop on ultra settings and it worked great. I've even had Skyrim streaming thru Tunngle(VPN gaming, simulates LAN), so I wasn't even on my home network. It's even possible to connect an xbox controller to a compatible tablet and stream to that. Use your imagination!
  2. It seems like all systems are moving toward open-source honestly. Microsoft probably sees the big picture, the research/studies that we don't see. Very soon it's going to be at the point where small start-ups will be producing more and more custom open-source gaming systems, and proprietary consoles are going to be losing out. It might be a smart move for Microsoft if they can pull it off. I'm already a PC-gamer paying for Xbox live, so I'm looking forward to it.
  3. Dying Light was very entertaining. The only negative is that they need more weapons or levels or something. While the campaign does last quite a while, the little random missions and limited weapon options kind of gets old. Late-game gets a little frustrating as well. By the time I made it to the second part of the map, it felt like I was grinding quests. The final mission was awesome though.
  4. I just have the entry pledge with the mustang. So far, it's awesome. Beautiful graphics, it really feels like flying in space. It's pretty difficult, but I like the challenge.
  5. My first impression was "that's not Elder Scrolls". Sure, it may have the lore and the weapons, etc, but immersion is gone. It looks like they pasted TES low res textures over Guild Wars 2. I just didn't get into it. My brother plays it a lot and likes it, but it's just not the same in my opinion. If you're a fan of TES, you might be disappointed with TESO.
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