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  1. Might be resolution issues? What is your DNS set at on your router? Use Google DNS which is reliable and Make sure your laptop NIC settings is set to DHCP to get from router or manually set it to either the router IP or the Google DNS I mentioned. After doing so try so, open a command prompt and do an ipconfig /flushdns Hope it helps.
  2. When I run 3D vantage and play Battlefield Hardline, the applications close if I have my PhysX set to GPU. If I move it to CPU it works properly.. Why is this so? Thanks in advance!
  3. Not sure how compatible it is. Does it matter if its p150hm or p150em? I know the GTX 680M is compatible with my p150hm clevo and is a faster card than GTX 770M. If it is still under window to return, might consider the 680m as card. Good luck with it. I have a clevo p150hm but with a GTX 680M card. One thing I noticed when playing under battery is that my laptop seems to run much hotter than it is plugged in. It may be a heat related issue. If it's going in and out, it sound more of a hardware problem. Have you tried reapplying thermal paste and reseating it?
  4. I've had a Clevo (p150hm) but have no personal experience with Alienware, so far no regrets. I love that the Clevo can serve both as a gaming and professional looking laptop since it does not have any gaudy design and discreet profile. Also, Clevo is meant to be easily (relatively for laptop) upgradeable. Clevo fan boy that I bought another for the wife.
  5. wasa

    Favorite MMO?

    Ragnarok Online still takes the cake for me. Maybe I'm biased since that was my first MMO. Just can't find the same feeling I got since.
  6. HI svl7 Will be doing a vbios update on 680m on p150hm. Research brought me here, will be using the unlocked. Crossing fingers
  7. Hello! New here will either update my GTX680m or brick laptop. Hopefully former.
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