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  1. Hopefully people are still seeding this torrent. I highly doubt it but if anyone can it would be really awesome for me. I really think it should be free I mean it's super easy to just install the proper version of Windows 8 and activate it then use DriverPackSolution to get the drivers quickly. Or the official webpage.. really wish I could retrieve the licence key using a keyfinder or something.
  2. Wow so 25-30 is the main demographic here. Unless we're the only ones curious enough to vote and everyone else is in their early 20s and doesn't care...
  3. Day-Z for sure. I love that game. It's so fun! At first it was horrible though. Just so much learning and walking around.
  4. Saw The Giver a week ago. It was freaking great. Except the ending. I was confused.. probably should read the book. Was the house really there or was it just his memory replaying in front of him and the house wasn't really there. Or maybe one of the previous Recievers of memory knew someone that ventured outside the area and saw the house.
  5. It's a notebook that is known for overheating issues, but when the graphic card is in SLI. Mine isn't. It runs super cool (maybe 30C idle when my cooling fan under it is on). Thank you all very much!
  6. I highly recommend it, but make sure you create a recovery disc! That's actually one of the reasons I joined this forum. I installed Ubuntu and it wouldn't boot with UEFI and then it just went to heck from there. The special partition would no longer work either (the oneKey recovery button no longer works either because the partitions are all messed up). I have no overheating issues and my processor sometimes spikes when gaming. I can play Tomb Raider with almost max specs (the hair rendering really slows me down). Overall, I recommend the laptop. Just don't get SLI. Also did we necro this thread? It's rather old and the OP has probably already bought one or got something else... but in any case, this is my review of it. Sound rocks on it.
  7. It happens pretty often for me on both my laptop with an external GPU and my desktop (HD 5850). It's really annoying and drives me crazy. Mostly happens right after I make some changes on my laptop and my desktop later matches it because of the whole Windows 8 sync thing. Just boots and sticks to a black screen and I have to forcefully reboot in order to get past it. Probably should look into that or do a fresh install.
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