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  1. dudeofdur

    Dying Light?

    I just recently beat it. Was getting 30+ on i5 2500k and a gtx 680 on 1080p with everything on except AA. draw distance was turned to 1/4 though. Game is fun to play. Playing with 4 people is like herding cats if people aren't focused on the objective though :/
  2. it's fun to play for the lore and all, but the gameplay mechanics and everything else is kind of bland. Since it's F2P, you're not losing anything but personally i would invest that time elsewhere.
  3. Have you tried using an Nvidia driver removal tool?
  4. Have you tried disabling AA? that usually gives me 20+ FPS
  5. I signed the petition but it doesn't look like anything is going to happen
  6. I generally use a can of air and monitor wipes. You can get these free after rebate at your local frys electronics.
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