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  1. Isn't undervolting dangerous? and what if I have a i5, do I also change values by same numbers?
  2. Was it worth it? I have y510p with a single 755M and a i5 4200m, was wondering about upgrading it to a 4 core. And what about SLI, is it still buggy as hell? I'm talking about game-performance.
  3. Looks sexy, wonder how much it will cost
  4. Too bad that 30 bucks return is only for US citizens.
  5. Xiaomi Audio Pocket is supposed to be good and cheap.
  6. I noticed some cheap mechanical keyboards on amazon (around 30 pounds), is it worth it or should I get a membrane one for this price?
  7. Having the same issues, does modding your bios only work?
  8. The CPU doesn't even hit 70C, and same goes for GPU when playing BF4. It goes up to 85-87C (CPU) when playing Max Payne 3 on Max settings after playing for about an hour or two
  9. I am using throttlestop, I tried turning down the settings to medium - no luck, even in singleplayer. I got about 80c on CPU and 76C on GPU after playing single for a couple minutes, and it never jumped past the 20-25fps mark, even on lowest settings.
  10. Hi, I have a y510p laptop, with i5 cpu and a single 755m gt gpu. I am wondering - why some games have so poor performance even on lowest settings? I have done a clean install of GPU drivers today but it didn't help at all. I tried playing Battlefield 4, but I get about 20FPS on LOWEST POSSIBLE SETTINGS. Meanwhile, on Battlefield 3, or Max Payne 3, I can max out the game and have about 40-60FPS without a problem. I also had this problem with GTA 4, it's just weird that gta barely works, meanwhile a game on an updated engine works flawlessly on MAX settings with about 60FPS. I am playing while on high performance mode, and I tried to change nvidia settings to my NVIDIA GPU only, and changing power plan to MAX performance. Am I the only one who has this problem?
  11. y510p user... nice to meet you all - - - Updated - - - can anyone tell me where can i find the subscriptions options? I want to check the prices and donate if I can afford it
  12. By the way, when are the posts beign approved? I posted a couple of them a few days ago and they have not been addec/counted in my post count. :/
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