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  1. There are 2 threads in this forum on petitions to Lenovo to open their BIOS. Search "Petition"
  2. Signing petitions like this one is a small effort that can have huge impact, but only if we get others involved. Please sign and post on your social media page.
  3. Daily driver: Lenovo Y510P I7 4700MQ 8 Gb ram Discrete Graphics NVIDA GeForce GT 755M Windows 7 or 8 depending on the weather 128Gb MyDigital super cache 2 500Gb WD Scorpio Black (on the desk ready for install) Primary software SolidWorks Fall back system: Dell Latitude E6420 running Ubuntu 14.04 In house: MacMini 2011 Sony Vaio VGN-F130E Asus PC-DL Deluxe
  4. Hello all. My system is a Lenovo Y510p and looking for open bios. I hope to learn how to do these things myself.
  5. There is an existing petition to have Lenovo release an unemcombered version of their BIOS located on Change.org h t t p s : //www.change.org/p/lenovo-release-an-unencumbered-version-of-the-bios.
  6. As not all vendors have restricted their BIOS's, it could be experimenting with customer reactions. Locking down hardware forces consumers to buy up, buying one level higher than the need "just in case", since options do not exist. Future sales will likely be hurt unless all comparable vendors lock down the BIOS as well.
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