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  1. Windows 10 still hasn't been offically released yet so I would say there might be more improvements in DX12 in the near future. Don't hold your breath tho. As for the gaming aspect, the drivers my not be compatible yet so try using the beta drivers from the GPU manufacturer. AS for the hd 4000, most motherboards have it disabled if using a discrete GPU.
  2. Listening to Linkin Park - In the End. Rock music ftw \m/()\m/
  3. Greetings friends. My name is Avitar and I'm from Trinidad in the Caribbean. I'm a recent BSC grad and i joined these forums because I bricked my y500 with svl7's modded BIOS. I know, sad story, but it's true. I've been asking for help about a day now and I'm waiting to see if the people on these forums are friendly and helpful
  4. Hello, Did you try ugrading to the latest NVIDIA drivers? I believe there was a driver update that fixed the issue recently. Use the GeForce Experience program, go to the games tab, and modify the quality settings from there. You may need to set the directory where the game is running from. Then the NVIDIA app will auto select the best graphics option for you. I recommend going into the nvidia control panel and set the 3d setting to "let the 3d application decide"
  5. On the W230SS there should be an option in the BIOS settings to throttle the fan (try advanced>thermal control) Set the throttle to 75 % and see if the chemical smell continues. If so, your board may have a short circuit somewhere and you'll need to have a technician have a look at it. Another easy way is to try speed fan and run the diagnostics.
  6. sadly not all of us have credit cards. and we're just on the breaking point with frustration.. and we must make 5 posts to download the tools we need. I guess i won't be fixing my laptop tonight. I understand that the site owners need the money and stuff, but surely there must be a better way. My laptop (y500) boots with a blank screen without loading the BIOS and keeps restarting. Sadly enough, changing a setting in svl17's modded BIOS is what caused the issue. This laptop cost a fair amount and it's really fast.. but thanks to this guy's BIOS and my own laziness to "load setup defaults" I guess this laptop's busted. I give up. but i gotta say, extorting money to download the only files that can fix the issue, is really LOW. Thanks techinferno. Let's hope I can make "5 quality posts" with my frustrated mind and weary body at 1am in the morning. Update: I've made 5 quality posts and instead of adding to my post count, the mods are subtracting my posts. I made 12 quality posts and I had 3 credits. Now I have 2. This is bordering on totally unfair.
  7. If fn+B doesn't work try fn+R
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