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  1. Hi all, My Clevo W150HRM failed when updating the bios to 1.09. Is there anyway to recover from usb stick since the laptop does not post anymore in any way. I already tried the FN+B method. but i have no idea what name the BIOS file should have. Important note: USB 2 ports are dead on my notebook(both are completely pushed in(sadly) USB 3 ports are fine. Greetings, Paul
  2. I think this is the bios you need: P177SM | Prema Mod Please wait with flashing until prema confirms.
  3. Hi Prema, I have a question.... I have an Clevo W150HRM and want to unlock the BIOS. The version of Moral Hazard can't be found anywhere anymore. Also, this version had problems with undetected disks like SSD's. Is there a possibility that you can unlock the BIOS for me? My CPU is a Core i7 2630QM @ 2Ghz with a NVidia GT555m Graphics card. Bios File: http://www.btodownloads.nl/index.php?dir=Notebooks%20%28Drivers%29/1.%20VORIGE%20MODELLEN%20-%20PREVIOUS%20MODELS/15CL35%20-%2017CL35%20GT555%20%28W150HRM%20-%20W170HR%29/Bios/&file=BIOS_109.zip EC File: http://www.btodownloads.nl/index.php?dir=Notebooks%20%28Drivers%29/1.%20VORIGE%20MODELLEN%20-%20PREVIOUS%20MODELS/15CL35%20-%2017CL35%20GT555%20%28W150HRM%20-%20W170HR%29/Bios/&file=EC_03.zip Would love to hear from you if it's possible. And will donate if it can be done! Many Thanks! Paul EDIT: Found the good old modded bios file on a Chinese website. This one also fixed the unrecognizable disks. I tested it and re-uploaded it for people to find it now. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/mlv1o2tpvxo56g0/Modded+Bios.rar THIS IS FOR CLEVO W150HRM / BTO 15CL35 GT555
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