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  1. I've noticed that if you enter your ALIENWARE support code on the bottom of the laptop you are transferred to the Alienware side of support. which imho is like a vip treatment I've had many dells and hate the support but I've also owned quite a few alienware and LOVE the support granted I get in touch with an alienware support rep, not a standard dell one. I bought a used m15x for $100 and when I got it the mobo was fried (understandably for the price) and even though the computer was not under my name and WAY out of warranty period they came to my house and replaced the mobo free of charge. this is just one of about a dozen stories I have due to working at tech company. just my opinion though maybe I just have great luck LOL
  2. As someone who has owned 2 m15x 2 m14x r1 1 m11x r2 a y400 and a y480 IF you can get a good deal on an alienware which if you trust ebay is really easy I wouild recomend alienware WAY WAY WAY over the lenovo without bring you with the details lenovo Is spec wise better but the parts don't work together at all the lenovo software is truly horrid and in turn makes a HORRIFIC gaming machine with the I processor the GPU Windows and lenovos battery application all fighting over power management I was never able to even utilize my nvidia card. I replaced the GPU MOBO CPU got two new laptops and eventually had to get a full refund after 6 months of not being able to play minecraft lol. the opposite is true of alienware they take special care making sure the parts work wgreat together and great with the software. Also the build quality of the alienware is some of the best I've seen with ease of upgrade and layout (upgrading is harder in the m14x r1 and m11x but once you get the back removed it's super easy) All in all IMHO don't get a lenovo for gaming they are not a gaming company and will never be one. leave it to the people that know gaming Asus Alienware Razer and MSI are all good choices Asus ROG series if your on a tight budget for a new PC and Alienware if you don't mind used. Hope this helped
  3. 2x8GB corsair vengance 1600MHz running great here.
  4. I have a usb GPU and while it allows support of 3 extra monitors (2 with the AW and 1 with the USB) it is abysmally slow as its based of like an intel 3000 or earlier.
  5. I would recommend A08 with SATA 3 fix I'm running 16GB corsair vengeance and a 256GB SSD and it works flawlessly.
  6. I'll be trying the Mushkin Enhanced Chronos MKNSSDCR480GB soon just because I'm cheap and want a lot of space lol I'll let you know how it goes.
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