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  1. If I can't buy a laptop in the near future that is overclock able then I'm going to desktop. That's the whole fun of buying a computer. Being able to play around with your hardware . If they take all that away then they take all the fun with it. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  2. I think if you just use the existing heatpipes that are already present on the gpu and cpu and loop them through a small water pump it would cool better than it does in its current state. Just theory though.
  3. Check the online hobby stores. Tower hobbies just to name one. Rc model airplanes and cars use these kind of things all the time. As a matter a fact I'm willing to bet that's a fuel pump for an rc plane in the above picture. If it's not who ever is selling them probably got them from hobbystore to begin with . You should be able to get above pump a lot cheaper than 150 . Google rc plane onboard electric fuel pump. just an idea . Can't gurranty anything.[emoji12]
  4. I got my laptop with 980m sli from clevo around the time the cards were to be supposibly vbios locked. Mine shipped with the 344.00 drivers . I never even checked to see if the cards would overclock cuz they were already working better than I needed them to. right away I updated to the 347.52 driver. I then tried to do the usual 135 mhz core overclock with afterburner and was not able to because I updated to the latest driver without knowing they were clockblocked. So I told my self no big deal I'll just wait until the next unlocked driver is released from invidia and try again then. I didn't want to mess with switching drivers because my machine is working great the way it is. Supposibly the next unlocked driver from nvidia is to be released tommorrow. When I update the drivers for my 980m's I will try to overclock again with my stock vbios. If I am unsuccessful or unable to overclock because of the vbios lock I will try and see if I am able to flash premas unlocked vbios to my cards with success . Or I just might hit you guys up for a clevo 980m stock vbios that isn't overclocked locked so I can still have my warranty on my laptop. [emoji4] Hopefully I don't have the locked vbios on my 980m's and I won't have to mess with flashing the vbios even though it's fairly simple to do. It's just a risk every time you do it. Me personally have never had problems flashing vbios ' yet Knock on wood. I will let you guys know how it goes after I update to the next driver from nvidia. Cheers. Edit: the vbios version on my cards is Not sure if the cards with the locked vbios have a different bios # .
  5. You Wana no what's funny. When I ordered my 980m from hidevolution and opened the card from it package I looked inside the package because I thought some of the chips fell off because there were blank spots on the card were a chip would go that weren't like that on my other cards.lol
  6. The sticker on the card shows I'm guessing that's the vbios .?
  7. I'm selling my 980m card from hidevolution to someone on ebay and the buyer wants to know if it's a clevo card because he has a clevo. I'm not sure what to tell him. Can someone help me out . Doe anyone know what the cards from hidevolution are.
  8. I just ordered my sagar np9377 last night with 4800mq, 16 gigs , 256gb msata , 2 x 1terabyte hdd, and 980m sli. I noticed no one has been on this thread for a while. Is No one buying these laptop or is there a more recent thread somewhere. Those in this thread still enjoying yours.
  9. This is probably the wrong thread but just wanted to let you guys know I just ordered a sagar np9377 with 980m sli. By by alienware it was nice well it lasted. But I am on to bigger and better things. Only gaming laptop I've ever owned was my 17 with 770m. And six monthes after buying it I was kicking my self in the but for not buying the model with the top spec gpu. And after all the hassle with trying to upgrade it to 980m I just decide to walk away from it and start new with something that works the way it's supposed to. Just got email conformation of my order number about 10 minutes ago.
  10. My laptop was working perfectly in optimus mode with my old gpu. I used ddu to Uninstall original drivers and when I rebooted my computer it froze up and wouldn't work .that was before I even swapped gpus. So I did a complete restore with old gpu and it was functioning normal again with original gpu in optimus mode. So I simply turned off laptop and installed 980m . When I rebooted I went to device manager and it showed intel gpu and VGA graphic card or something like that. Then I installed the modded driver from Eurocom and then it showed intel gpu and nvidia gtx 980m in device manager. So everything seemed ok but my computer would do wierd things like my desktop would freeze every once in a while. Or when I tried to launch an application it would sometimes load and sometimes not. So I'm pretty sure it would work I was just afraid I was going to damage card so I just abandoned my mission and reinstalled my original gpu. I'm not super savy with this kind of stuff and as much as the gpu cost I would just rather sell it to someone who knows what there doing.
  11. I kinda know how your feeling because I bought a 780m for mine also but it was only $450 not $900 about a month ago and I smoked it literaly. So 450 down the drain . But that was more than likely my fault from handling the card to much trying to get the three pipe heatsink I bought for it to sit flush on the die. That's why I abandoned the 980m attempt so fast. I really liked my alienware but the last 2 monthes it hasn't been to user friendly.
  12. My laptop was acting wierd and doing strange things the second I put the 980m in . Could of just been driver issues or some settings . I just decided to remove my card so I didn't accidently do something and ruin my card. I did get it to post proper in device manager as 980m and card seamed to be 100% functional. It's just the way my computer would act every once in a while I'd didn't feel like taking the chance of ruining a 900 hundred dollar card so I just put my old card back in and packed up the new one and I will sell it and my laptop and move on. Mr fox was experiencing random problems with his cards too. Sorry to here about your problems. On to bigger and better things right.
  13. Add $800 dollars to that $1300 and you got yourself a brand new sagar were everything is compatable and works like it's supposed to.[emoji12] besides customs or whatever shipping costs incure. But you get my point.
  14. I used 2pipe on my 17 with 780M with overclock without issue and I currently have the my 2 pipe on my 980m and it fits fine. 980m should run cooler than 780m so you should be fine with either one
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