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  1. Thanks Prema. It throttles worse than the stock when it hits 87C. Instead of throttling down in increments it drops straight to 405MHz. I didn't want to bug you for a 1v version of your vbios but this one drops my temps with max fans down to 73 and 71C in Heaven and it takes quite awhile to hit 87C without max fans so my cards definitely like the lower voltage.
  2. Is there any reason why this vbios drops to 405MHz when it hits 86C? I love the fact it runs at 1v (although it isn't stable out of the box at 1202 it works perfectly at 1126) because I have cards that get insanely hot. The problem is when they hit 86C the clocks drop to 405MHz until they drop to around 80C and then the cycle starts over. It isn't a temperature target issue as that appears to be set at 99C out of the box unless it's being read wrong?
  3. That's crazy. I guess we have to get desktop CPUs now if we want an enthusiast machine... Well as long as overclocking the video card is still possible... Otherwise enthusiast laptops are gone after the SM-A and ZM. Sad day...
  4. That's crappy of them to take that away. Does your BIOS have voltage offset settings on those machines at least? It would get annoying having to load a profile every time I booted the machine.
  5. It does scratch if you aren't careful removing it. Get the Arcticlean kit and let the Arcticlean 1 sit for a minute or two (you'll see the paste break down and start to mix in), take a qtip and gently roll it around to pick up all the mess, repeat until it's done then put number 2 on there to get the surface ready for new paste. Same process with the heatsink. It can leave some pretty gnarly scratches if you try to scrub it off... I have a big long scratch that goes from the left side of my die to about 3/4 across on my 4940MX.
  6. What? My XTU settings have always been permanent unless the system goes unstable and crashes and I have used UEFI the whole time. Never had an issue with it sticking, even without changing 8.1's default boot and shutdown behavior. My understanding is that XTU interfaces directly with the Intel management interface. Unless that's a secure boot issue? I don't use secure boot for obvious reasons.
  7. In a word. No. More detailed answer - if you can get the heat under control, you can raise the TDP and current limits until they don't throttle anymore. Realistically, that's not possible without serious hard mods of the machine and liquid ultra. If you set your TDP to 90W and give it 150A, most 4940MX chips with do between 4.1GHz and 4.2GHz on stock voltage, however, they will run into the 90s and be at risk of throttling due to thermals at 95C. Liquid ultra can help but only so much and some loads will still blow past that 90W limit which will cause it to throttle and if you're going to raise the TDP that high, you might want to consider a second PSU and the converter box to run 660W to it, especially true if you plan to overclock the graphics card at all. What I found is that setting my chip to 80W TDP and 4.1GHz with 150A current limit will result in me averaging 3.9GHz under heavy load (the stock behavior of my particular CPU is to fall down to 3.4Ghz with a heavy load) and between 4 and 4.1GHz with gaming. This required liquid ultra and resulted in average load temps of 89C. Right now I'm just running it stock with an 85mv undervolt for 3.6GHz under load... Liquid ultra is a pain in the ass and not worth the risk to my machine. Basically, the 4940MX is a huge waste of cash in the SM-A. The only machine that seems to be able to handle them properly was the Alienware 18.
  8. I've always associated MQ with mobile quad, sorry for not explaining myself lol. Nvidia already nerfed the power circuitry on the 980M along with using low voltage memory to offset overclocking gains a bit. But if they can get manufacturers to block it entirely, no doubt they'll go that route. Clevo locking down with BIOS does not surprise me at all and it wouldn't surprise me to see it activated out of the box on Sager models. Sager really hates replacing video cards... Or any parts really. The hassle I went through with my machine and their warranty process... Yeah....... Even further with AMD the ultimate mobile fail, I'm guessing we will see two Maxwell rebrands and won't see Pascal until the end of 2016 or even early 2017. They have no motivation to do so. My prediction is overclocked 980M and then full GM204 before we even hear of mobile Pascal unless AMD comes out with something in 2016.
  9. Can't really say anything about the GPU. Intel is not making a mobile quad anymore. I half suspect that Clevo is using chips they bought in bulk and that when those are gone, it will be desktop or HQ as well. I saw it coming too but it's still sad to see the end.
  10. Yeah Clevo adding a video card overclock bit block to their system BIOS, regardless of whether Prema can get rid of it or not, is the final nail in the coffin for laptop gaming for me.
  11. Next announcement prediction: encrypted system BIOS. Not a good sign... *sigh*
  12. The issue with the mod being adjusted is because Clevo changed the fan tables in the system BIOS. Fans used to kick in at 87C, they now kick in at 90C so people were throttling at the 87C mark when the fans didn't kick up. Clevo's fan management leaves a lot to be desired. Max fans is obnoxious. I read 67db coming from my P377SM-A with max fans. Best behavior for me is auto fans which top at 52db (still loud by any standard) but the chip throttles before auto fans can kick up. No idea why Clevo has done this...
  13. Not Eurocom specifically, there have been issues with the new nVidia cards. Happens with any new video card but you want to test it before you push them with a vbios mod. The biggest issue seems to be coil whine but there are at least three cases I know of where the cards are running much hotter than they should. I happen to have a pair myself.
  14. After you have verified that there is nothing wrong, yes. There have been QA issues popping up. Make sure the system is performing without issues before you flash mods and of course make sure you back up your stock vbios.
  15. Mx-4 is the worst thermal paste I've used thus far. IC Diamond and GC Extreme are neck in neck with the latter not scratching the die (although it tends to be harder to find and more expensive, IC Diamond is great if you don't want to repaste for a long time and if you get Arcticlean kit to remove it and follow the directions it won't scratch). MX-4 starts off strong but pumps out within a week or two because it isn't designed for the low pressure mounts in laptops.
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