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  1. Currently messing around with Archlinux with a KDE desktop. always been a big fan of the Desktop cube animation so this is kind of what my desktop looks like imgur: the simple image sharer
  2. Got all kinds of toy around here Daily work machine is an HP probook 6560b i7 16Gb of ram 512Gb Samsung SSD Pro Currently running Windows 8.1 with several other OSes loaded in Hyper-V for teaching. Daily Home machine is Lenovo y510p currently has an i5 but want to see if I can upgrade that. 16Gb of ram 2x755GTM video cards and 1TB SSHD looking to add and m40 SDD card at some point and an AC wireless card, or at least a 5ghz wireless. Some other laptops and toys around my office, Dell r720 Server Dual xeons 64GB ram 4x146GB 15k drives 1xGrid K1000 video card Currently running Technical Preview(Win10?) atm was running Xenserver before that. HP 1000 mini netbook running Manjaro netbook edition was previously a hackintosh My favorite toys however are a pair of Toshiba protege m40s These are convertible laptops before a time way before tablets were cool. Core2Duo processors with rotatable screens. Has a wacom digitizer built into the screen with pressure sensitive pen!
  3. Sorry Anastatic seems my post early didn't seem to take. I am guessing it may have been the youtube links. This seems to be a common problem with the Razer Mamba. I did find several fixes for it most of them just require you to shim up the plate that has the mouse button on them. do some searches on youtube. There is several good instructional videos with the same problem as your.
  4. I agree the i5-2500k is a beast of a processor. Most motherboards from Intel share some backwards compatibility. If you want more features or just better performance I would consider maybe a better cooler and motherboard so you can stretch the potential from that processor. If you really looking for change for the sake of change you might be able to pick up a little breathing room for your budget by selling the I5-2500k on ebay, craiglist or this market place.
  5. After looking at picture of your motherboard on ebay it does look like the wifi card slot is your only pci-e slot available. I know its not a great options but wireless USB works pretty well and would definitely be safer and more cost effective then trying to add another mPCIE slot.
  6. sounds like a simple mis-alignment with the right click button. Looking at some youtube videos it looks like you just need to shim up the exterior part of the mouse so that the buttons align again. I found this video that seems to be addressing something similar but its a horrible video, but hopefully it will help you understand where it needs to be shimmed up to make it work again. The second one was glueing some broken tabs back on to fix a left click issue that maybe the source of your right click issue.
  7. Hello, I am an IT instructor by day, PC gamer, PC Tech, DIY repair guy by night. I currently have a Lenovo Y510p, HP Probook 6560b, and HP mini 1000? (the little netbooks) within arms reach. I also have lots of other laptops in our labs and in home. Enjoying all the cool trends in laptops and other mobile style computing devices. Found the forums looking for a bios to fix my Lenovo Y510p whitelist so I can try out some different wireless cards. Looks like an interesting forum and look forward to contributing when I can.
  8. grakef

    Anime discussion

    Been binge watching Sword art Online. It's a pretty good series, but I lost a lot of interest in it when the changed games. One I really have watching recently is Fairy Tail. Really good stuff and love the character dynamics and growth. Each transition have worked really well and I think I am currently around episode 88? and it hasn't grown to boring yet.
  9. Not super familiar with how the eGPU work, but what your describing sounds to me like something is stopping the computer for moving onto POST or POST is failing. Typically this is caused by things not being seated correctly. Such as memory or CPU, but sometimes a bad ground can cause this as well (screw in the wrong place). If the monitor and laptop test fine without the eGPU, I would guess it is your power or riser isn't working correctly.
  10. On the business class laptops something could be said about there docking stations as well. I know my HP Probook station supports an additional expansion slot so I can store an additional HD or optic drive in the docking station. Also most Business class laptops have had for a very long time a multi use bay on the laptop. Basically the Optic drive can be changed out for additional storage or a battery on some models. While this won't supply the awesome graphic functions that most of the users here want. It does give you options if you need more storage but may not need that info when traveling. Or only need the Optic drive when docked. Also SSHD (Solid State Hard Drives) have become very popular in laptops now. I found this to be sometimes a good thing and other times a horrible option. I think the technology needs to mature a little bit before I suggest them over getting SSD, but they are definitely and upgrade over the slow traditional HDs that come with laptops. Also for the budget class there is the refurbished or off-lease market. Really good business class laptops can be found for dirt cheap. These laptops are designed to be rugged and can easily last though 2 or 3 customers. So if you don't mind some exterior scratches you can generally get a 2-3 year old model for 50-75% off.
  11. Metatime, A lot of things go into how bluetooth and 802.11 works together in the 2.4Ghz spectrum. I have an HP bluetooth mouse and a Dell bluetooth mouse from previous laptop buys and I can honestly say the HP one works consistently better. With that said bluetooth uses what is call frequency hopping it will bounce between frequency trying to avoid any active channels. If you live in an area with a lot of 802.11 2.4Ghz traffic this may not be possible to avoid a collision and might be the source of your mouse failures. On another note intel makes great wireless cards. Manufactures and consumers, however choose to buy older cards since they are cheaper and issues like the one you are dealing with happen. If you really want good wireless 802.11 USB is still an option though it may not solve your mouse dropping out. I ended up picking an Logitech M125 instead of using bluetooth and have found it being a great mouse even though it is wired.
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