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  1. International service is quite bad, let me tell you my story. I live in Mexico and decided to buy a Y510p as a gaming laptop, after using it for a while I found some problems with the trackpad and WiFi reception. Since the laptop was brand new I called customer support hoping that they would replace the defective parts. Upon calling repeatedly a guy with an accent from South America answered the phone and insisted I gave him my address, telephone, laptop serial number and several other things before even asking what my problem was. Troubleshooting with him was basically rebooting the laptop and hoping for the best, the guy clearly had no idea what he was doing. To make matters worse the call ended abruptly and upon dialing again another south american guy answered and refused to help or reconnect me until I gave him all the info I had previously told the first guy. This second man essentially instructed me to clean with a dry cloth the trackpad to fix it getting stuck upon clicking, not responding and moving the mouse randomly and told me it was normal behavior of the laptop to drop the WiFi connection every 10 minutes. It appears to me that they are told to find any excuse possible to not offer the free repairs the guarantee gives the user. I have no intention of contacting customer support again.
  2. Will sign. I find it infuriating to not be allowed to have control over my own laptop because Lenovo thinks they know what's best for me. It's a shame that they make such accesible hardware and impose ridiculous conditions on it. I hope they listen to the petition or I will never buy from them again..
  3. I carrry mine in my backpack. It has a special cushioned compartiment for laptops and place it there without any kind of extra protection. I've dropped the backpack several times by accident without any damage to the laptop.
  4. After being annoyingly frustrated for several weeks after purchasing a Y510p laptop and realizing the Wi-Fi card is far from what it should be I figured I would flash the modded bios and install a new card. Seeing how it's likely many people ended up here for the same reason I figured it would be a good idea to ask for recommendations as to what card I should buy as a replacement. Any recommendations would be most welcome but I'd rather to have a card capable of 5Ghz support, from what I've seen it does make a difference.
  5. Try using a rubber band like in the picture, it sometimes works.
  6. Glad you fixed it, should anyone experience something similar to your case I found the following bios reset instructions. Is says its for the y580 but should work on similar Edmar Hobby - Electronic: Lenovo Ideapad Y580 Insyde Bios Reset/Recovery
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