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  1. Hello, so I decided to upgrade my y510p laptop which has i54200m and a single gt 755m card to i7 4700mq, and a 2nd gt 755m, I already have the modded v3.05 bios installed as presented in the 1st post of this topic, so now I only need to update bios for ultrabay gpu from 2nd post (Ultra Bay VBIOS for [v3.05]_modified.zip) and im fine? Or is there more to do? Im also upgrading to 170w ac adapter. Thank you for your help
  2. 0.27mm inside, not outside, just look for M3 washers they fit perfectly, like this one | Zinc Plated Steel Plain Washer, 0.5mm Thickness, M3 | - - - Updated - - - 0.27mm inside, not outside, just look for M3 washers they fit perfectly, like this one http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/plain-washers/0560338/
  3. Hello, I searched the forum and couldn't find any topic about this laptop, could someone with knowledge unlock the vbios for this laptops gpu (840M) since I would like to undervolt it with nvidia inspector. If you need any more info let me know.
  4. Hello, I'm curious if anyone has some experience with pairing an existing gt 755m in my laptop with a 750m ultrabay card, since for love of god I can't find any 755m ultrabay unit on sale, would it work considering 755m is a few mhz overclocked 750m? So either I can undeclock the 755m or oc the 750m, would there be any driver issues?
  5. Its the right size, and a tip: Dont cut away those white plastic holders, just pop them out, put the washer, spring and screw together and reuse the plastic holder so its easier to screw the whole plate back to the motherboard
  6. May I ask you what is your overclock with which voltages and in which application does it max out at 70 degrees? As for ultrabay, I believe you will have to repaste it, you can read about it here (post #15)
  7. So I didn't do the spacer mod (yet), just repasted with arctic silver 5 and on my y510p with i5-4200 (-102,5mV undervolt) and single gt 755m (-125mV undervolt) while playing LoL all on max setting and 1080p im getting ~66°C cpu and ~67°C gpu at 18-19°C ambient temp. By running prime95 and furmark at same time, im getting -85°C cpu (turbo boost goes only to 2.7ghz, it's throttled by current) and ~82°C gpu (no throttling). Are these temps ok?
  8. So if I decide to repaste cpu and gpu on y510p since I already ordered Arctic silver 5, do I need anything else besides the paste and washers? Do I also need to replace those pink-ish thermal pads as seen on this , or can I just leave them as they are?
  9. Have you tried installing factory nvidia drivers from lenovo? Driver, 755m bios?
  10. Numerous things could be wrong, but since you stated you did a clean reinstall of windows, and that a single card works with no problems, first thing i would do, would be checking the power supply if its faulty. Test it with another power supply if you can. You can stress test the gpus with furmark have it running until gpus reach max temperatures to see if you can reproduce the problem. It could also be that you have some bitcoin mining malware eating up your gpu processing power, but i guess then you would be getting crashes on single gpu too, but its worth checking with malwarebytes. Otherwise if you google the problem you will find numerous software fixes: FIX 1, FIX 2, FIX 3 etc.
  11. @schranzmaster: Can you tell what thickness are the thermal pads you used? Btw: Does anyone have experience with this coollaboratory liquid metalpads, could these be used instead of thermal paste on cpu/gpu and instead of thermal pads?
  12. thanks for the reply, I did check it out further so as it appears oem versions are not supported by the software :/ Edit: I also finally found this [h=3]Does Magician support all SSDs?[/h] SSD Magician only supports Samsung-branded SSDs. Samsung-manufactured OEM SSDs are not supported.
  13. Hello I searched the forum and couldn't find an answer, namely when I Install Samsung magician 4.5 on my y510p, after scanning for drive information (also if you click refresh drive information button) I get an error stating that magician is unable to find a samsung SSD connected to my system and it also says i should always use latest storage driver or microsoft driver and I cant acess disk, system, data management and advanced features . The SSD is recognized in BIOS (im using modded bios from svl7), the SSD is recognized in device manager -> disk drives (I use win 8.1 64bit) and shows "Provider: Microsoft date: 21.6.2006 version: 6.3.9600.16384" is this the latest driver? Had anyone else had similar problems with samsung magician? What about Intel rapid storage technology from lenovo site? On intel site i could only find the same program for RAID setups, does the samsung ssd benefit from it or do only intel ssds benefit?
  14. Before I did this bios mod my 755m got to 98°C in Furmark v1.14.1.4 with 1280x720 (2x MSAA) pretty fast (in little more than 2 min) and started throttling, now after the mod and -125mV undervolt in nvidia inspector it gets max 84°C after 10 min in Furmark, great stuff I only have one question if anyone can help out, I clicked on "create clocks shortcut" button in nvidia inspector, pressed "win+r" typed "shell:startup" put the created shortcut in the startup folder, but as it appears it wont apply the undervolt at startup, so i have to go to startup folder and manually double click the shortcut, anyone has a fix for this? Edit: Finally managed to make it work, had to create a scheduled task, the key thing is to enable "run with highest privileges" when creating the task
  15. Is this mod(vbios) safe to use with 755m gpu or it works only for 750m gpus?
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