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  1. chun0327

    decent ssd?

    I've got Crucial MX100 in mine, not as fancy as the samsung but it's cheaper
  2. I was having the same problem with my y510p, the centrino 2230 would drop the wifi connection regularly, so I did the bios mod and put in the 7260AC and it works great
  3. I've used this for about 5 years now and it works really well. It's got pretty good air flow and not noisy at all. Fan speed is also adjustable but I usually leave it at the fastest setting. I used to have a Sager NP9262/Clevo D901C and it worked well for that laptop, my y510p now doesn't get nearly as hot now. Just remember to clean the fans once in a while with air to get rid of the dust. Amazon.com: Notebook Cooler, Silver, ZM-NC2000: Electronics
  4. There's a review from Feb about the MyDigitalSSD M.2 NGFF ssds that is worth reading. I'm not affliated with the site in any way. MyDigitalSSD Super Cache 2 M.2 SSD Review - Exploring M.2 With and Without FNet HybriDisk Caching | The SSD Review
  5. Hi everyone! I joined to learn how to get rid of the whitelist on my lenovo y510p. I also have a old Acer Aspire one netbook that I still use and a MSI Hetis G31 that I use as a HTPC.
  6. I've found it's easier to remove the bottom cover if I slightly bend the cover to the left and right side when I'm trying to unlatch the tabs.
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